The Shifting Solar Incentive Landscape

Blog Lauren Miller | September 27, 2017

The Shifting Solar Incentive Landscape

This is an excerpt from the September 2017 edition of The SOL SOURCE, a monthly electronic newsletter analyzing the latest…
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Blog Lauren Miller | September 12, 2017

Getting SMARTer Still: Massachusetts Announces Final SMART Regulations

In early 2016, Massachusetts hit its SREC II program cap and had many in the solar industry asking: what’s next…
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Blog Lauren Miller | June 23, 2017

Community Solar: Lots of Buzz, but Where’s the Action?

What is it? Recent years have seen an increase in community solar and shared renewable policies. So far, 14 states…
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Blog Kate Brandus | June 21, 2017

Get SMART: Massachusetts Paves the Way for 1600MW Solar Energy Program

On Monday, June 5th, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) filed the much-anticipated draft design for Solar Massachusetts Renewable…
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Blog Lauren Miller | April 19, 2017

Should the Solar Industry Be Worried about Tax Reform?

With the election of President Trump at the end of 2016 came concern regarding tax reform and its potential impact…
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Blog Berenice Leung | August 04, 2016

Investing in Community: Schools (Nonprofits) and Solar Energy

Just like any residential or commercial customer, nonprofits must consider many factors before financing a solar project. Unlike homeowners and…
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Blog Carsten deWolff | July 12, 2016

Clean Energy Incentive Program Marches Along Despite Clean Power Plan Stay

Despite the “stay” halting implementation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) earlier this year, rulemaking regarding the national Environmental Protect…
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Blog Anna Noucas | October 28, 2015

New York PSC Raises Net Metering Caps until Solar’s Value Can Be Determined

On Thursday, October 15, the New York Public Service Commission (NY PSC) ruled to temporarily lift caps on the amount…
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Blog Charity Sack | June 30, 2015

Can We Handle the Truth? What Can an A/B Split Tell Us about North Carolina’s House Bill 332?

CAUTION:  If you adhere to the adage, “Don’t ask a question you don’t know the answer to,” read on at…
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Blog Sol Systems | September 16, 2011

Sol Systems featured on AOL Energy!

Sol Systems’ Andrew Gilligan was featured in AOL Energy! Check out the article below. Hope Shines Through Bankruptcy Clouds for…
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