Sustainable Opportunity for Landowners

Through solar leases, landowners can realize revenue streams that will compensate their families for years to come with the confidence that their land is in great hands

Commitment to Stewardship

While providing lease payments to landowners, Sol acts as stewards on their land, building environmentally responsible projects with benefits to the ecosystem and economy.


Sol’s zero-waste construction policy ensures any excess are used at other project materialsts or recycled during construction and decommissioning.

Local Labor

Sol seeks to maximize use of local labor, suppliers and contractors during construction of its projects, providing opportunity for local communities to benefit.

Responsible Sourcing

Sol seeks to maximize the sourcing of solar panels and equipment from within the US when available to support the domestic industry.


Our Process

Step 1

Sol works with landowners to design lease agreements, conduct environmental permitting, and develop smartly designed facilities.

Step 2

The team conducts studies, permitting, construction, operations and decommissioning/site restoration (at the end of the facility’s useful life).


The entire development process requires between 2-5 years, while the actual construction lasts approximately 6-12 months. Projects typically operate for approximately 40 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why solar?

Landowners have the exciting financial opportunity to create revenue streams for years to come through the growing demand for solar energy. Energy buyers, including utilities, retail consumers and commercial businesses, are increasingly demanding carbon-free power for environmental as well as economic reasons. The price of solar panels and related equipment has dropped significantly over the past 15 years, and many states have established renewable portfolio standards, which require a percentage of power to be from renewables.

How are landowners compensated?

We have a standard lease that provides a highly competitive lease rate. Participation in any project is voluntary, and we are committed to open and transparent relationships with our landowner partners.

Will you use pollinator-friendly grass?

Yes. We put a vegetation management plan in place for our projects that relies on local flora that potentially maintains the current vegetation and is pollinator friendly. There are vegetation options that include herbivore-friendly species such as alfalfa (depending on local restrictions).

What happens at the end of the lease term?

We will fully decommission the project, restoring the land to its original condition, or propose a new lease agreement to the landowner to continue the project. A bond or other form of security will also be in place for the decommissioning of the plant..