A Community of Communities: The Employee Resource Groups and Clubs at Sol Systems

8 Feb 2021

Sol Systems’ company culture feels special. It’s a warm, inviting environment filled with passionate, intelligent individuals that share a common goal: to protect the environment and reinvest within the communities we serve while deploying renewable energy across the United States. That’s why, in 2020, we prioritized Sol’s employee resource groups, clubs, and resource centers to ensure that Sol’s spirit and culture flourishes during these unprecedented times. Highlighted below are some of our employee- driven groups and initiatives that keep Sol’s unique culture alive. 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) 

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)  

The JEDI committee is an employee-driven initiative that works to establish a diverse, inclusive, and authentic culture here at Sol Systems. Their overall goals include identifying and restructuring internal processes of bias, educating and training employees, directing investments into communities to increase D&I (internal and external). They host speaking events, support teams on new inclusion processes, establish employee training programs, create community engagement strategies, and assisted with the launch of Renewables Forward. Through their goals and initiatives, JEDI works to achieve their key accomplishments among finding new and creative ways to foster diversity and inclusion not only in the workplace, but also in the communities and markets we engage in.  

Sustainability Task Force (STF) 

The employee-led Sustainability Task Force (STF) focuses on company-wide sustainability efforts inside and outside of the office. STF’s mission: aiming to understand the comprehensive environmental footprint of Sol Systems’ work, mitigate all its possible negative impacts, and educate employees and community about the most sustainable practices available.  

STF works to empower employees to practice sustainable initiatives and has created sustainability surveys, held speaking and socially distanced clean-up events, assessed our project’s carbon footprint, and engaged with the communities in which we serve to promote sustainable practices that make projects even greener. The group continues to find unique ways to encourage tangible, sustainable actions for our employees and solar developments.  

Clubs at Sol  

Personal Finance Club – Sol’s Personal Finance Club creates a space to discuss best practices for navigating personal finance with topics including expenses, bank accounts, investing and many more. This club is open to anyone interested in learning about personal finance experiences firsthand and serves as a resource for best practices and ongoing discussion. 

Power BI Rangers – Power BI Rangers is an employee initiative that addresses all things related to Power BI. The club intends to create a mini community to help troubleshoot issues and post videos and ideas within the inner workings of the program. 

Women of Sol – Woman of Sol is a women-led resource group that empowers Sol’s female employees by hosting events, happy hours, dinners, workshops, and information sharing. It also acts as a networking tool to help women navigate opportunities within the solar industry. 

Business Book Club – The Business Book Club focuses on exploring organizational concepts, business organization, and management best practices to identify ways that apply to Sol Systems’ work. Each month, the club chooses a leadership, management, or business-related book and meets to discuss concepts and integration practices. 

JEDI Book Club – The quarterly JEDI book club, created by the JEDI team, is dedicated to D&I educational efforts, reading and thoughtful discussion. The book club covers a variety of topics and readings that is open and transparent to all Sol employees.  

Employee Resource Centers  

Mental Health and Well-being – The mental health and well-being resource center acts as a place where employees can discuss mental health and wellness tips to navigate work-from-home. This channel shares resources, hosts meditation and yoga classes, and gives employees the space to focus on selfcare and awareness. 

Cooking Channel + Cooking Series – The cooking channel and cooking series hosted by the JEDI committee shares recipes, kitchen tips, and traditions for employees. Once every few months, an employee or an outside resource shares a favorite or tradition recipe and hosts a virtual “cooking class” for employees to participate. 

Daily Dose of Dogs Channel – This channel allows employees to share photos and videos of their furry friend to bring a little joy to everyone’s day. Because we can’t participate in the typical “bring your dog to work” during creative Friday in the office, this resource allows employees to take part in the fun by sharing memories and activities of their dogs and other pets. 

Working Parent Group – This channel allows parents to give tips, ideas, and resources to one another while navigating the balance of working from home while parenting. It also serves as an excuse to share cute photos of employees’ kids. 

Sol Systems continues to foster an environment that empowers employees to pursue their passions and interests and find others that share common practices, all while making the world a better, and greener place (PS, we’re hiring). 

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Claire Siwulec

Claire Siwulec