Kate Brandus – Director, Portfolio Management

“I love the open office environment. I understand why people may prefer their own space, but I really thrive off of the high energy and organic, yet informative conversations that arise in open-air workspaces. Having your team right at your fingertips, working shoulder to shoulder gives us easy access to colleagues and allows us to tackle challenges and collaborate on solutions immediately, rather than through scheduled meetings and email chains.”

Alex Frith – Development Engineer

“I joined Sol Systems because of the collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that the company offers. In addition to finding room for growth within the org structure, the opportunity to work alongside pioneers and experts within the industry, as well as a mission-driven CEO, was extremely appealing. Sol Systems offered me an avenue to seamlessly transition my passion into a profession during a pandemic; echoing the company’s adaptability through turbulent times and ever-changing market conditions.”

Rebecca Oren – Director, Accounting and Finance

“Every Monday, the entire Sol Systems team has lunch together and then meets to discuss our progress since the previous week. Being in the Accounting department, I’m not traditionally out on the floor a lot hearing from the other departments, so I don’t always get a sense of what’s happening unless it explicitly involves our finances. It’s great to be able to see the big picture every Monday and recognize how we help to support all the work being done by the different teams. It pieces together how we all fit together at Sol Systems, and how we are all working together toward a common goal.”