Celebrating Maryland Solar with Baltimore Mayor-Elect Catherine Pugh

Blog William Patterson | November 16, 2016

Celebrating Maryland Solar with Baltimore Mayor-Elect Catherine Pugh

Earlier this month, Sol Systems hosted an event to celebrate solar energy at the Christ Church Harbor Apartments, home to…
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Blog Lauren Miller | October 28, 2016

It’s Official: D.C.’s 50% RPS Becomes Law

You may have heard talk over the past couple of months about a renewable portfolio standard (RPS) expansion happening in…
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Blog Avery Sellers | August 31, 2016

New York’s Clean Energy Standard: Cuomo’s Plan Put into Action

On August 1, New York regulators unanimously approved a Clean Energy Standard that requires 50% renewable energy use by 2030,…
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Blog Sandhya Mahadevan | August 09, 2016

On the Rhode Island to Success: Rhode Island Passes Laws to Strengthen Renewable Energy

Early last month, Rhode Island’s Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a package of legislation that will expand renewable energy investments by:…
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Blog Sara Rafalson | May 12, 2016

SOURCE: The Sol Project Finance Journal, May 2016

SOURCE is a monthly solar project finance journal that our team distributes to our network of clients and solar stakeholders. Our newsletter…
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Blog Sara Rafalson | May 09, 2016

Ohio Tries to Freeze Its RPS…Again. Not Cool.

Late last month, Ohio state Senator Bill Seitz (R – Cincinnati) introduced legislation to extend the freeze on the state’s…
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Blog Sara Rafalson | March 08, 2016

Will the Clean Energy Jobs Bill Stabilize the Maryland Solar Market?

According to the latest Solar Jobs Census, Maryland ranks #12 in solar jobs nationally, with nearly 4,300 solar workers cross…
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Blog Eric Scheier | January 29, 2015

Maryland SREC Market Marches Closer to Equilibrium in 2014

As we wait for the final 2014 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) to mint for the state of Maryland, chances…
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Blog Eric Lustgarten | October 28, 2014

Ohio Opposition to Renewables & Solar Energy Mounts

Sacrificing renewables promised reduced prices for customers; but now could end up raising the bill for Ohioans. Ohio’s electrical market…
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Blog Daniel Watson | May 02, 2013

Renewable Portfolio Standards Face Stiff Opposition Across the Country

Renewable Portfolio Standards across the nation are under re-examination by state lawmakers, aiming to diminish or eliminate these programs. Despite…
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