The Sun Still Rises

Why Solar Succeeds in 2018 & Beyond

Blog Yuri Horwitz | January 31, 2018

Letter from CEO Yuri Horwitz – The Sun Still Rises: Why Solar Succeeds in 2018 & Beyond

Despite the Trump Administration’s recent decision to levy a 30% tariff on the solar industry, we see tremendous opportunity ahead…
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Blog William Patterson | January 30, 2018

Solar Prices “Xcel” in CO: Reading into the Low-Priced RFP Bids

This article was co-written by Will Patterson and William Graves This is an excerpt from the January 2018 edition of…
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Blog Austin deButts | August 24, 2017

How Low Can You Go: Natural Gas & Wholesale Markets Today & Tomorrow

Any day now, the Department of Energy should be releasing the results of a study initiated by Secretary Rick Perry…
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