The Sun Still Rises

Why Solar Succeeds in 2018 & Beyond

Blog Yuri Horwitz | January 31, 2018

Letter from CEO Yuri Horwitz – The Sun Still Rises: Why Solar Succeeds in 2018 & Beyond

Despite the Trump Administration’s recent decision to levy a 30% tariff on the solar industry, we see tremendous opportunity ahead…
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Blog Stephanie Sienkowski | October 17, 2017

Puerto Rico‘s Springboard Opportunity for Grid-Resilience

Weeks after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico with 155 mile-per-hour winds, destroying crops, flooding cities, and damaging major infrastructure, many…
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Blog William Patterson | August 16, 2016

The Storage Story: What’s in Store?

Storage has been no stranger to the energy conversation over the last several years. According to the White House, the…
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Blog Berenice Leung | July 27, 2016

FERC Ruling Opens Solar Market Potential to Co-ops and Munis

Access to solar energy has significantly increased as the cost of solar installation has dropped 70 percent within the past…
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Blog Will Thorne | February 29, 2016

New Jersey’s Energy Storage Incentive

Last year, New Jersey, in an attempt to improve the resiliency of their electricity infrastructure as well as for load…
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Blog Jeffrey Popkin | July 02, 2015

Is DC’s Sustainable Energy Utility Sustainable?

The District of Columbia City Council is a tried and true champion of renewable energy development. Over the past decade,…
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Blog Sol Systems | October 20, 2011

A Case for American Energy

America has traditionally been seen as lagging behind in the renewable energy race.  European and Asian markets have consistently outstripped…
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