Sol’s Environmental Stewardship: Sustainability is in our DNA

Sol’s Environmental Stewardship: Sustainability is in our DNA

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By Jamie Nolan

As a company at the forefront of efforts to fight climate change and its impacts, environmental stewardship is written into Sol Systems’ DNA. Our company was founded on a mission of environmental stewardship and sustainability and it is built on the principle that small actions lead to big accomplishments. While our very business activities have a positive environmental impact, that’s not enough for us: Sol Systems strives to respect our planet every day.

Here are a few examples of how we make sustainability a priority:

  • Energy Use: For years, Sol Systems has purchased wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) through Arcadia Power. On average, we offset 137,280 kW of electricity through wind REC purchases each month. Our monthly REC purchase offset is equivalent to offsetting 8,844 pounds of coal power generation.
  • Office supplies: Sol Systems’ supply purchasing guidelines require that the company consider sustainability in all purchasing decisions. The Sol Systems office is stocked with sustainable-certified products. We seek out brands like Seventh Generation for 100% recycled and unbleached paper towels and cleaning products, local coffee and tea that contains Rainforest Action Network’s “Follow the Frog” certification, and recycled printer paper. Sol Systems' recently began providing "Meatless Monday" catering to highlight our efforts towards a sustainable diet.
  • Transportation: 80% of Sol Systems’ staff members walk, bike, or take public transportation to work. To encourage these choices, Sol Systems offers pre-tax Metro benefits. Additionally, the office lends high-grade bike locks to anyone who forget one, because -- according to an all-staff survey -- the lack of secure bike parking was a predominant reason for a reluctance to bike to work. Sol Systems encourages carpooling to all staff events and facilitates that process. All of these efforts directly serve to reduce carbon emissions and local air pollution.
  • Waste reduction: Sol Systems recycles and composts in its offices. Additionally, Sol Systems has a system in place to recycle used ink cartridges and broken electronics. In sum, Sol Systems helps to avoid at least 10 pounds of landfill waste each week through our composting efforts and many pounds more by recycling.

Sol Systems continues to incorporate initiatives and practices into our operations in order to leave the lightest carbon footprint possible to preserve and protect our local and global environment, as well as to help make our hometown of Washington, D.C. a leader in sustainability. At Sol Systems, every day is Earth Day.


Sol Systems, a national solar finance and development firm, delivers sophisticated, customized services for institutional, corporate, and municipal customers. Sol is employee-owned, and has been profitable since inception in 2008. Sol is backed by Sempra Energy, a $25+ billion energy company.

Over the last ten years, Sol Systems has delivered 800 MW of solar projects for Fortune 100 companies, municipalities, universities, churches, and small businesses. Sol now manages over $650 million in solar energy assets for utilities, banks, and Fortune 500 companies.

Inc. 5000 recognized Sol Systems in its annual list of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies for four consecutive years. For more information, please visit

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