Solar Energy: Saving Your Business Money…and Jobs?

22 Aug 2018

It’s no secret that solar helps businesses and municipalities to save money (see our other trend article in this month’s newsletter). However, peripheral effects like a 55 percent spike in employee morale, a 43 percent improvement in both process efficiency and public image, and a 38 percent jump in employee loyalty that come with sustainable practices are often overlooked by companies deciding if or how to pursue clean, renewable energy and other sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability = Stronger Sense of Purpose

Unsurprisingly, employees enjoy working for companies that share their values. A recent study of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs showed that 75 percent of employees find work more fulfilling when given opportunities to contribute to social and environmental causes. By going solar, for example, a company is making a meaningful contribution to the environment and economy that everyone in the company can feel a part of, while in addition making the company more purpose-driven, a valuable asset for companies.

The following data was taken from Deloitte’s 2014 core beliefs and culture survey:

With over 70 percent of millennials expecting their employers to focus on societal and mission-driven problems, corporate sustainability can greatly aid the recruitment of young talent. In other words, providing employees with a purpose-driven environment aids in recruitment and employee retention.

Where Cost is an Issue: Solar Saves

In a survey of companies who hadn’t implemented sustainability plans, the top two obstacles preventing them from implementing such a plan were:

  1. The cost associated with launching a plan
  2. The difficulty measuring return on investment

Solar energy solves both of these problems efficiently. Through power purchase agreements (PPAs), organizations see savings without any upfront investment. This can be easily measured by comparing energy bills before and after the solar installation.

In addition to cost savings, handy tools like the EPA greenhouse gas calculator helps companies to measure the impact of their solar array in other ways, such as car emissions or barrels of oil avoided. For instance, Sol Systems’ 6 MW project in Danville, Virginia will offset more than 15 thousand barrels of oil burned consumed every year.

With the various ways to go solar, the energy source is an increasingly easy business decision for companies to make on a strictly financial basis. The intangibles however, make solar all the more desirable. If your company is looking to explore its solar options, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at

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William Patterson

William Patterson