Sol Rolls out Resources for Spanish-Speaking SREC Customers

Sol Rolls out Resources for Spanish-Speaking SREC Customers

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By Javier Chacon

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Sol Systems’ SREC team has launched a new Spanish resource center for our SREC customers.

Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) are fairly complex. So,
when communicating with Spanish-speaking customers, Sol’s SREC customer service
team has faced difficulties answering questions, and until now, has not had any
translated resources to share. At Sol, we are high touch, so we wanted to do
more for our Spanish-speaking customers so they would feel comfortable reaching
out with questions, and so that installers would confidently send
Spanish-speaking customers to Sol Systems.

Our Solution

Sol’s SREC team is taking the first steps to provide helpful
Spanish language services. We are translating our most frequented and important
SREC Help Center* articles,
and now have customer service representatives that speak Spanish. Moving
forward, the team will continue to offer help center articles in Spanish for a
more complete set of resources.

"We’re committed to helping break down barriers that prevent Hispanic communities from accessing solar energy,” said Kate Brandus, Director of SREC Asset Management at Sol.

We encourage customers and installer partners alike to
contact us in Spanish when they need assistance with their SRECs.

*In March 2020, the Sol Systems SREC team rolled out Zendesk, a customer service software that offers call and email management and a website platform for posting helpful content like tutorials, FAQs, and SREC-related articles. The ability to have resource centers in different languages is among the more exciting features of the Zendesk platform.

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