5 Reasons to Build Your Career at Sol Systems

Work that Matters.

Every kilowatt of clean energy that our solar projects produce replaces a kilowatt from fossil fuels. The world’s health is our health.

Big Ideas, Real Results.

Your ideas can grow here. Creative thinking and problem solving is not just welcomed, it has been critical to our financial success.

A Thinking Environment.

If you take pride in mastering your craft and keeping ahead of your industry, you’ll be right at home at Sol Systems. Our thought leaders constantly share what they’ve researched, heard on the street, or developed. Peer exchange is built into our workflow.

Authentic People.

Kindness and consideration are ingrained in our culture. You can also expect to find a good amount of humor around the office.

Shoulder to Shoulder.

That’s how we work, and that’s how we maintain the highest levels of true collaboration and open communication. Don’t tell anybody, but it’s also a competitive advantage.

Javier Chacon - SREC Customer Operations Analyst

"One of the biggest factors of why I chose Sol Systems was because right out of the college, one of the main things I was looking for was an opportunity for growth, and I found that at Sol. There are so many different responsibilities, so you never get stuck in a role for too long. Whether you want to diversify your role or stretch into other possibilities, Sol Systems will naturally expand your opportunity to develop other skills of any kind."

Jessie Robbins - Senior Director, Structured Finance

“People always ask in interviews, ‘What’s your favorite thing about working for Sol Systems?’ Usually I say the people – smart, talented, hardworking, and a ton of fun, you can’t ask for a better crew. But at the core of the company is a commitment to driving mainstream capital into renewable energy, because we believe it is a transformative, disruptive, revolutionary force for good in the world. We’re all here because we’re committed to the vision and believe the best is yet to come. That’s my favorite part about working for Sol.”

Kate Brandus - Director, SREC Aggregation

“I actually really love the open office environment. I understand why people may prefer their own space, but I really thrive off of the high energy and organic, yet informative conversations that arise in open-air work spaces. Having your team right at your fingertips, working shoulder to shoulder gives us easy access to colleagues and allows us to tackle challenges and collaborate on solutions immediately, rather than through scheduled meetings and email chains."

Rohit Marwaha - Vice President, Risk & Trading Operations

"The greatest thing about Sol Systems is working alongside incredibly ecstatic, high energy people that are friendly and personable. The limitless energy that drives this company motivates each employee to achieve their goals while promoting a clean energy future. It's all about the people. They are all willing to do whatever it takes to get things done. "

Rebecca Oren - Director, Accounting and Structured Funds

“Every Monday, the entire Sol Systems team has lunch together and then meets to discuss our progress since the previous week. As the Senior Accountant, I’m not traditionally out on the floor a lot hearing from the other departments, so I don’t always get a sense of what’s happening unless it explicitly involves our finances. It’s really great to be able to see the big picture every Monday, and recognize how we help to support all the work being done by the different teams. It pieces together how we all fit together at Sol Systems, and how we are all working together toward a common goal.”