Ohio Opposition to Renewables & Solar Energy Mounts

Blog Eric Lustgarten | October 28, 2014

Ohio Opposition to Renewables & Solar Energy Mounts

Sacrificing renewables promised reduced prices for customers; but now could end up raising the bill for Ohioans. Ohio’s electrical market…
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Blog Anna Noucas | November 19, 2013

Ohio’s Renewable Portfolio Standard under Attack… Again

As the Ohio General Assembly approaches the final few months of its 2013 legislative session, attention has been brought to…
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Blog Daniel Watson | May 02, 2013

Renewable Portfolio Standards Face Stiff Opposition Across the Country

Renewable Portfolio Standards across the nation are under re-examination by state lawmakers, aiming to diminish or eliminate these programs. Despite…
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Blog Anna Noucas | April 09, 2012

Maryland General Assembly Passes Solar RPS Acceleration Bill

In an effort to take a firmer commitment towards a clean energy future, the Maryland Senate passed legislation (37-9) that…
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Blog Anna Noucas | April 04, 2012

Maryland General Assembly on Track to Pass Legislation to Accelerate the State’s Solar RPS Requirement

Due to sun-setting Federal incentive programs for solar energy and the current structure of Maryland’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), Del.…
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Blog Sol Systems | July 13, 2011

New Jersey Energy Master Plan Takes Aim at SACP

New Jersey, one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing solar markets, recently released the 2011 Energy Master Plan (EMP). …
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Blog Sol Systems | February 04, 2011

Why Big Solar is not Better Solar

As solar energy systems become a more popular and profitable investment, many small and large scale projects are being developed.…
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Blog Sol Systems | January 28, 2011

Carbon Markets: Carbon Credits, Carbon Offsets, and RECs

Due to the dramatic increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the past several decades, there have been different policy…
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Blog Sol Systems | November 15, 2010

Mid Size Commercial Solar Projects Require Guaranteed Long Term SREC Contracts

The mid-Atlantic region has witnessed a rapid growth in solar installations over the past few years. While the large multi-megawatt…
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Blog Sol Systems | October 04, 2010

As the Federal RES Evolves, What Does it Mean for Solar?

This last September, the U.S. Senate introduced the Renewable Electricity Promotion Act of 2010, Senate Bill 3813, a stand-alone Renewable…
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