Ohio Opposition to Renewables & Solar Energy Mounts

Blog Eric Lustgarten | October 28, 2014

Ohio Opposition to Renewables & Solar Energy Mounts

Sacrificing renewables promised reduced prices for customers; but now could end up raising the bill for Ohioans. Ohio’s electrical market…
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Blog Rachel Charow | June 19, 2014

New York Looks to Become a Shared Energy State

On June 3 the New York Assembly Energy Committee approved the Shared Clean Energy Bill A9931/S7727, continuing the momentum that New…
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Blog Natacha Kiler | June 18, 2014

June 2014 Solar Project Finance Journal

Below, we have included excerpts from Sol Systems’ June  2014 Solar Project Finance Journal, which is a monthly email newsletter that…
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Blog Victoria Ngare | September 27, 2013

California’s AB 327 Proposes Changes to Current Rate Structures, Protects Net Energy Metering (NEM)

After being passed by the California Senate, the controversial net energy metering (NEM) and rate structure bill AB 327 was…
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Blog Eric Scheier | July 04, 2013

New York Legislature Misses Opportunity to Sign NY Solar Bill into Law

The New York legislative session ended last week without the much anticipated enactment of the NY Sun Act of 2013.…
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Blog Amber Rivera | June 19, 2013

Updates to the Massachusetts 400-MW Solar Carve Out Program that You Didn’t Hear at the June Stakeholder Meeting

In the excitement of the recent stakeholder meeting that the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) held on June 7,…
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Blog Anna Noucas | May 21, 2012

NJ Senate Environment and Energy Committee Passes S1925

During the May 17th Senate Environment and Energy hearing, the New Jersey committee passed legislation to alter the state’s current…
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Blog Sol Systems | August 15, 2011

Magic and Sunrays in the Air

In a neighborhood where painting your door a different color requires approval from a presidentially appointed commission, Georgetown Energy is…
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Blog Sol Systems | February 27, 2011

What House Budget Means for Solar

Early on Saturday, February 19th, 2011, the House passed its version of this year’s budget, which was highlighted by $61…
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Blog Sol Systems | January 10, 2011

Connecticut: the Next Big SREC Market?

Recent shifts in the political landscape indicate that Connecticut will be the next state to legislate a Solar Renewable Energy…
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