SREC Services

Sell Your SRECs with Sol Systems

Sol Systems offers three unique contracts to sell your SRECs and reap the value of your solar incentives. These choices are designed to not only provide customers with the best price, but in a way that covers all financial preferences. We offer the following options (see below for more detail):

  • Sol Upfront: A one-time lump sum payment in exchange for your SRECs for a 5-15 year period.
  • Sol Annuity & Combo: Fixed rates per SREC for a 3 to 10 year term.
  • Sol Brokerage: The best possible variable market rate for only 1 year of commitment.

See this month’s prices for each contract option on our State Markets page.

Sol Upfront

A one-time, lump-sum payment for your SRECs. You get financing for your solar energy system and eliminate all risk associated with fluctuating SREC prices and market conditions. This contract allows you to monetize your SRECs for a 5, 10, or 15-year term all at once. You receive your one-time payment at the beginning of the contract term after final regulatory approval.

How It Works

Your one-time Sol Upfront payment will equal the size of your system in kilowatts times our current monthly Sol Upfront rate for your state. For example, if Sol Systems is offering a 15-year, $1,000/kW Sol Upfront contract, then a 5kW system would receive a one-time payment of $5,000.00 under that option. After your system has been certified by the proper authorities (a process which takes 2-3 months), we will issue your payment within 10 days. Upfront payments can be issued directly to you, or you may assign the payment to your installer to cover the costs of your installation.

Sol Annuity

A long-term solution that gives you guaranteed prices for your SRECs, even if market prices fall. You receive a fixed, quarterly payment for each SREC produced for the contract term (3, 5, or 10 years).

How It Works

Once you sign up with Sol Systems, we will lock in your SREC rate and handle all registration requirements— at no charge. After your system has been properly registered and certified (typically 2-3 months after you submit your contract to Sol Systems), you will receive a quarterly payment each time you produce 1 or more SRECs. For example, a customer that produces 1 SREC/quarter and has a fixed rate contract for $250/SREC would receive $5,000 over a five-year period.

Sol Combo

Just like a Sol Annuity Contract, you receive guaranteed prices for your SRECs, even if market prices fall. Under a Sol Combo contract however, your fixed price changes three years into the 10-year contract.

Sol Brokerage

An SREC solution that lets you benefit from the risk reward of the spot market with no effort required. You leverage the collective bargaining power of our large portfolio and receive the highest market prices available.

How It Works

We register your system in all applicable states at no charge. Once you are registered, we sell your SRECs at the highest prices available on the open market. We only enter into SREC purchase agreements that clear our aggressive hurdles, which means that you receive the highest market prices without having to worry about setting competitive floor prices and selling your SRECs.

If your SRECs can be sold on the spot market, we will send you a quarterly payment that reflects the weighted average price of SRECs, minus our transaction fee. Sol Brokerage has a 1–year commitment, after which customers may opt to change into a (lower risk) Sol Annuity or Sol Upfront contract at any time.

Customers that select Sol Brokerage are eligible to receive a quarterly SREC payment and are paid the weighted average price of all SREC sales in that quarter. Our approach differs from SREC brokers and auction-based platforms in that we have in-house experts who are constantly monitoring SREC markets, communicating with SREC buyers (mainly utilities and energy suppliers), and achieving the highest market-based SREC prices available on behalf of our customers.

For example, if the Sol Systems portfolio team sells Maryland SRECs on behalf of three Sol Brokerage customers in Q1 of 2020, the below table demonstrates the hypothetical volume and price details of each transaction. Although the spot market value declined throughout the quarter, all three customers would receive the weighted average price of $136.88 per Maryland SREC sold that quarter.

Sale Date # of SRECs Sale Price
Customer 1 2/2/2020 5 $140
Customer 2 2/15/2020 1 $135
Customer 3 2/21/2020 2 $130
Q1 Weighted Average Price $136.88