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SRECs are generally traded within the state in which they are generated, creating independent markets for SRECs in the United States. See how much they're worth in your state.

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Sol Systems offers three unique contracts to monetize your SRECs. These choices are designed to not only provide customers with the best price, but in a way that covers all financial preferences.

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Renewable energy legislation and market dynamics are constantly evolving, and it is complicated to understand the value of all available solar incentives. At Sol Systems, we manage this complexity by working hand-in-hand with our solar installer partners to provide short and long-term SREC solutions.

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Sol Systems Blog

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Blog Ben Adams | July 01, 2019

Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act Bolsters SREC Prices

On April 8th, 2019 the Maryland General Assembly passed the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), an update to the state’s…
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Blog Ben Adams | August 29, 2019

Pennsylvania SRECs Two Years After Act 40

Two years ago, SREC prices in the state of Pennsylvania were at an extreme low point of $4/SREC. In response…
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Blog Brent Joplin | February 05, 2020

Sol Takes Culture Notes from the NBA

What makes a high-performing team tick – is it a particular system, combination of personnel, leadership? Perhaps a combination of…
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SREC Experts

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Christian Hofer

Senior Director, Trading
Christian Hofer manages the investment research process in support of Sol Systems’ SREC aggregation and portfolio trading business. Mr. Hofer…
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Jason Cimpl

Vice President, Trading
Jason Cimpl manages Sol Systems’ environmental commodities trading desk and the company’s SREC portfolio of 12,000+ solar assets. He oversees creation…
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Kate Brandus

Associate, Asset Management
Kate Brandus is an Associate on the Asset Management team, where she manages solar investments through transaction monitoring, financial analysis,…
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Avery Sellers

Senior Associate, Business Development
Avery works on the SREC operations team, where he is responsible for handling registrations and inquiries for Sol Systems’ network…
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