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SREC prices are constantly changing as policy and market behavior continuously evolve. Prices vary across states, as state requirements are rarely the same.

For example, New Jersey has a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), which requires the state’s utilities to source a certain amount of its energy from renewable sources (20% by 2021 in NJ). Compliance entities can source their own solar system or buy SRECs to meet this requirement. Because renewable sources vary, a percentage of the RPS is dedicated to solar, called a solar carve-out. The value of SRECs are quantified by three major factors:

  1. State RPS requirements
  2. Value of the state’s Solar Alternative Compliance Payment (ACP)
  3. Supply and demand of SRECs in that specific state

Because of these factors, SREC prices and values can vary dramatically from state to state.

Need more background on SRECs? Visit our New to SRECs page.

To see all of our current prices, download our August 2019 pricing sheet.


Please note that SREC from systems in the following states are sold in the Ohio or Pennsylvania markets:

Indiana Kentucky Michigan Virginia West Virginia

Washington D.C.

Our nation's capital has the strongest SREC market in the country, with SRECs trading consistently just under the district's SACP of $500.

Explore contracts in D.C.


The Bay State's RPS legislation is one of the most sophisticated in the country, providing unmatched stability in SREC prices.

Explore contracts in Massachusetts

New Jersey

New Jersey's SREC market has remained strong for years and continues to provide a crucial incentive for solar homeowners looking to go solar.

Explore contracts in NJ


Maryland's SRECs remain a valuable aspect of solar financing.

Explore contracts in MD


The First State's SREC market provides key financing for solar stakeholders.

Explore contracts in DE


SREC prices have now merged with Tier 1 RECs in Ohio.

Explore contracts in OH


Like in Ohio, SREC prices are on par with Tier 1 RECs in Pennsylvania.

Explore contracts in PA

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