Special Offer: Sol Upfront for Select Washington, D.C. Customers

Thank you for your interest in the Sol Upfront contract.

Sol Upfront is a one-time, lump-sum payment for your SRECs. You get financing for your solar energy system and eliminate all risk associated with fluctuating SREC prices and market conditions. This contract allows you to monetize your SRECs for a 15-year term all at once. You receive your one-time payment at the beginning of the contract term after final regulatory approval. Please refer to your email for your contract price.

Your one-time Sol Upfront payment will equal the size of your system in kilowatts times our Sol Upfront rate. For example, if Sol Systems is offering a 15-year, $1,250/kW Sol Upfront contract, then a 5kW system would receive a one-time payment of $6,250.00 under that option. After your system has been certified by the proper authorities (a process which takes 2-3 months), we will issue your payment within 10 days. Upfront payments can be issued directly to you, or you may assign the payment to your installer to cover the costs of your installation.

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