Service Spotlight Series – Kenita Williams

30 Oct 2020

To pay homage to our dedicated customer service team at Sol Systems, we are launching our Service Spotlight Series! This interview series will provide the opportunity for our customers and partners to get to know their customer service representatives and learn about what goes into serving our 15,000 customers each day. Our series continues Kenita Williams, an SREC Customer Operations Analyst at Sol Systems. 

Kenita Williams is a Customer Operations Analyst on the SREC team.

1.What sparked your interest in solar energy? 

I found my way into the solar industry through an administrative position at Direct Energy Solar (formally Astrum). I did not have prior knowledge of the industry, so I was basically taught everything I know from the ground up.  So far, this experience has given me over 9 years in the industry.  

2. How have your previous roles prepared you to transition to your current role on the SREC team? 

I came to Sol Systems with vast experience of administrative and customer service work. Because I have only been with Sol Systems for a short amount of time, I am still learning about how the system works and how Sol executes their strategy. 

3. Why do you like working with SRECs specifically? 

SRECS act as an incentive to the customer. Once I got into the solar industry, I knew that I wanted to help people. And through my role, not only am I able to help people, but the incentives that come with SREC production provide a return on investment for the customer, which is very fulfilling. 

4. What’s your favorite part of working on a customer service team? 

My favorite part about working on the customer service team is problem solving. It feels really rewarding to help customers with any issues that come their way. Any way that I can help the customer is extremely important to my role.  

5. Outside of Sol, what do you like to do for fun? 

I spend a lot of time with my kids. I also love to cook and am an avid sneaker collector. 


Sol Systems is a leading national solar energy firm with an established reputation for integrity and reliability across its development, infrastructure and environmental commodity businesses. To date, Sol has developed and/or financed over 850 MW of solar projects valued at more than $1 billion for Fortune 100 companies, municipalities, counties, utilities, universities and schools. The company also actively shapes and trades in environmental commodity and electricity markets throughout the United States. The company was founded in 2008, is based in Washington D.C, and is led by its founder. Sol Systems works with its team, partners, and clients to create a more sustainable future we can all believe in. For more information: 

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Claire Siwulec

Claire Siwulec