Service Spotlight Series – Chaz Moore

29 Jun 2021

To pay homage to our dedicated customer service team at Sol Systems, we launched our Service Spotlight Series! This interview series provides the opportunity for our customers and partners to get to know their customer service representatives and learn about what goes into serving our 16,000 customers each day. Our series continues with Chaz Moore, a SREC Customer Operations Analyst at Sol Systems. 

Chaz Moore is a SREC Customer Operations Analyst on the SREC team.

1. What sparked your interest in solar energy? 

My mom lives in California and has a small solar system on her house. When she bought it from the previous owner, this was my detailed introduction to solar energy. I learned about the ins and outs of residential solar energy and how it can save customers money. Through this, I decided to correlate my knowledge and interest with solar energy into finding different solutions for others to save money, which led to my current role at Sol Systems. 

2. How have your previous roles prepared you to transition to your current role on the SREC team? 

My previous roles within bank operations helped me focus on the quality of work and ability to use external and internal resources to provide great service to customers. That position gave me the ability to multitask and work on a multitude of projects to be successful and efficient in my everyday work. 

3. Why do you like working with SRECs specifically? 

I’ve always enjoyed dealing with finance and monetary funds. I enjoy the relationship between the trading aspects of SRECS and the issuance of payments to customers. That’s what makes the job feel fulfilling. 

4. What’s your favorite part of working on a customer service team? 

I enjoy learning about different variables at one time and learning more about the diversity of customer service in relation to a different type of question or project. This allows me to discover more about the discipline and overall scope of my work at Sol Systems. 

5. Outside of Sol, what do you like to do for fun? 

When I’m not at work, I thoroughly enjoy exercising at the gym, hanging with my friends, or discovering the latest Sci-Fi TV show. 

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Claire Siwulec

Claire Siwulec