Size: 3.2 MW Solar + 2.5 MWh Energy Storage
Location: Holliston, MA

Project Details

To help the Town of Holliston meet its sustainability goals and utilize an unused landfill, Sol Systems developed a 3.2 MW Solar + 2.5 MWh Energy Storage next to the town’s soccer field. This project will help Holliston bring in tax revenue and provide energy savings.  

Project Impacts

Community Reinvestment and Sponsorship
Because of the solar project’s proximity to the town’s soccer fields, Sol Systems sponsored the local youth soccer team to encourage awareness about the Town’s solar project and further support the community. 
Local Scholarships
Sol Systems partnered with Holliston High School to establish a college scholarship for students interested in environmental studies or sustainability. 
Project Site Development
Sol development of solar on the landfill property ensure productive use of the space that would otherwise be unusable.