Bowdoin College

Size: 5 MW
Location: Brunswick, ME

Project Details

Sol Systems developed a 5 MW for Bowdoin College to help the school reach its goal of purchasing 100 percent clean electricity from Maine-based renewable energy sources. The project is developed on a former Navy Base, and Bowdoin will purchase all the power through the system through a 20-year PPA term. The College will also receive a credit on its energy bill for the generation produced by the solar project thanks to the Net Energy Billing Credit (NEBC) state incentive program.  

Project Impacts

Pollinator and Site Management Education with Students

Sol Systems worked with Bowdoin’s students through the college’s environmental science classes to be involved in the management plan for the project site. Through this exercise, students were able to assess the environmental attributes of the project site including evaluating the ecology of the land and how management practices would benefit grassland habitat, pollinators, and endangered species. This was not only a terrific way to get the students more involved, but also helped Sol Systems by providing feedback on a native vegetation management plan for the long-term operation of the project. 

Community Investment Through Scholarships

To invest in the community further, Sol Systems worked with Brunswick High School, the local public high school, to establish a scholarship for students interested in environmental studies or sustainability. This not only alleviates the price of college for the students, but also encourages students to pursue a career in an environmentally focused field to aid in workforce development and interest in sustainability.