American Bottoms Wastewater Facility

Project Size: 1.8 MW
Project Location: Sauget, IL

Project Details

Wastewater facilities across the US are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs while reaching their sustainability goals. The Sauget Sanitary Development and Research Association’s (SSDRA) American Bottoms wastewater facility in Sauget, Illinois, served as the perfect place for solar, leading Sol Systems to develop a 1.8 MW DC on-site solar array. The 7-acre, behind-the-meter solar project was built on the facility’s buffer property, and will help the facility save on electricity and lock in energy rates over 25-year period through a power purchase agreement (PPA). This unique project incorporates bifacial panels, which take in light on both sides of the panel, on single-axis trackers, which track the sun’s movement, to optimize per-panel energy production with durable technology. The project will also incorporate pollinator habitats for native, local species to increase the population of local pollinators, which have tremendous positive effects on the surrounding ecosystem. 


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