Blog Claire Siwulec | March 31, 2021

Breaking the (Photovoltaic) Glass Ceiling – Celebrating Women’s History Month at Sol Systems

March of every year is dedicated to Women’s History Month, where women are celebrated for their contributions to society and how their actions have changed the world. The observance of the month was established after a weeklong celebration established by Congress in 1986. And now as we honor Women’s History Month, it is important to note the incredible contributions of…
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Blog Elizabeth Campbell | March 15, 2021

Installer Partner Spotlight – Lumina Solar

Sol Systems currently works with over 15,000 customers to monetize their Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Many of these customers come to…
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Blog Jennifer Hernandez | March 09, 2021

From Intern to Full Time: How Sol’s Intern Program Helped These Talents Shine

Each summer at Sol Systems, we provide an opportunity for undergraduate students and graduates who are passionate about the environment, sustainability, and renewable energy to join us for our…
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Blog Elizabeth Campbell | February 19, 2021

Delaware Looks Further Ahead on its RPS

After its swift progress through the state’s legislature, Governor Carney signed Senate Bill No. 33 (“SB 33”) on February 10. The bill extends…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | February 08, 2021

A Community of Communities: The Employee Resource Groups and Clubs at Sol Systems

Sol Systems’ company culture feels special. It’s a warm, inviting environment filled with passionate, intelligent individuals that share a common goal: to…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | January 15, 2021

Service Spotlight Series – Elizabeth Campbell

To pay homage to our dedicated customer service team at Sol Systems, we are launching our Service Spotlight Series! This…
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Blog Abbie Borowski | December 17, 2020

Installer Partner Spotlight – Solar Energy World

Sol Systems currently works with over 15,000 customers to monetize their Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Many of these customers…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | December 15, 2020

A Groundwork for Solar Sustainability

This past week, two groups of students from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign presented to Sol Systems regarding their findings…
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Blog Kate Brandus | December 01, 2020

Sol Profit Share: Only Upside with Sol Systems’ New SREC Contract

Sol Systems’ new profit share contract offers solar renewable energy credit (SREC) customers the option to maximize value while making…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | November 19, 2020

Sol Systems Continues to Look for Ways to Make Our Solar Energy Even More Green

While solar energy represents an offset of fossil fuels in our Nation’s energy infrastructure, we often don’t talk about the methods  developers use…
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Yuri Horwitz

Chief Executive Officer
Yuri Horwitz, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sol Systems, oversees strategic growth and performance as well as investment strategy…
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Liz Weir

Chief Operating Officer
As Chief Operating Officer, Liz Weir focuses on organizational development and operational excellence for Sol Systems. Liz comes to Sol…
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James Machulak

Vice President, Asset Management
James Machulak is the Vice President of the Asset Management Department, where he oversees efforts to proactively manage risks associated…
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Jessica Robbins

Senior Director, Structured Finance
Jessie Robbins manages the execution of tax structured transactions at Sol Systems. She works to source, diligence, structure, and close financing…
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