Solar is the Way of the Future in New York

23 Feb 2021

Well known for its robust renewable energy goals and friendly business environment, New York is seen by many in the solar and renewable energy space as a state with large investment and development opportunities.  With increased solar investment and development across the state, New York is set on a path to significantly grow its share of clean energy jobscommunity-level economic impact, and environmental benefits.   

However, what might not be clear to many businesses and municipal government officials, is how to create the maximum benefit and community impact from solar energy There are even local incentives in many areas like Westchester and New York City.  In these localitiesthere is a premium placed on developing solar on large parking lots, rooftops, and underutilized land.  Developing solar in these areas has the potential to generate significant income for the real estate owner that will help offset other costs and utility bills over time.  At Sol Systems, we bring that benefit to local communities and business owners by financing and building solar assets and infrastructure. 

Nothing Shady about Solar Carports  

Solar carports or canopies constructed above parking lots allow businesses, municipalities, and landowners to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy through lease payments without the upfront cost of installing a solar system. Solar carports double as safety and protection for the any parked cars and the underlying parking lot itself. Landowners who lease space for solar carports are not required to have any on-site electrical load This allows other qualified and interested buyers a pathway to use the energy produced by a solar carport off-site through New York’s community solar programWithin ConEdison territory, some real estate owners can generate substantial additional income from renting out their unused space. 

Raising the Roof for Generating Revenue 

In addition to carports, large, commercial rooftops can be retrofit for solar energy. Typically, rooftops with 150,000+ sq ft provide the most attractive opportunity for building owners. Like solar carports, large commercial rooftops offer business owners the opportunity to benefit from solar energy without the upfront development and construction cost – turn-key solar developers like Sol Systems handled the entire process. 

More Land, More Money  

For example, if you have a large, underutilized plot of land in Westchester County, you are a prime candidate to take advantage of the opportunities of solar energyLandowners with plots of at least 15 acres are particularly well positioned to generate new revenue streams.  

At Sol Systems we finance, own, and operate solar systems, and provide revenue directly back to our partners.  We take pride in helping our partners create new revenue opportunities, meet key clean energy goals, and widen the impact of renewable energy to as many communities as possible. 


Specifically, Sol Customer Solutions provides integrated solar energy solutions for partners and customers across the state including in ConEdison territory. Start the clean energy process today by contacting us at or fill out the intake form below. 


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William Graves

William Graves