Invest In Solar

Proven Solar Investment Platform

To date, Sol has facilitated the deployment of over 1 GW of renewable infrastructure projects across our platforms.

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The Solar Asset Class

The solar asset class provides rich ground for investors seeking compelling risk-adjusted returns. With respect to real estate and other infrastructure, solar project investments compare favorably.

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Tax Equity

Congress has set the Investment Tax Credit (“ITC”) for eligible solar projects at 26%. Investment returns (inclusive of tax benefits) are often better than other tax-advantaged vehicles such as LIHTC.

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Solar Equity Investments and Ownership

Sol Systems works to acquire projects on behalf of cash equity investors such as utilities and proprietary funds.

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Blog Claire Siwulec | November 19, 2020

Sol Systems Continues to Look for Ways to Make Our Solar Energy Even More Green

While solar energy represents an offset of fossil fuels in our Nation’s energy infrastructure, we often don’t talk about the methods  developers use…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | November 18, 2020

Service Spotlight Series – Avery Sellers

To pay homage to our dedicated SREC team here at Sol Systems, we’ve launched our Service Spotlight Series! This interview series will…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | November 17, 2020

Safely Sustainable – Sol Systems Volunteers with the Rock Creek Conservancy

2020 has been quite the challenging year, but our team has stayed committed to its volunteering efforts and sustainable practices. This past week, Sol Systems…
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