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If your organization is looking to go solar or just want to learn about what is possible, please contact Sol Customer Solutions via phone or email:  (202) 588-6455  or  You may also complete an intake form, and we’ll reply with customized information.

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Sol Customer Solutions

Sol Customer Solutions (SCS) offers commercial, municipal, and educational customers  competitive and compelling renewable energy solutions in the country. As businesses, cities, and schools increasingly transition into more sustainable, resilient and low-cost energy, SCS focuses on delivering a comprehensive and integrated suite of renewable energy and storage solutions.L

As a joint venture between Sol Systems and Capital Dynamics, SCS provides new access to large pools of institutional capital alongside one of the most experienced solar finance and development platforms in the United States. SCS leverages the development business and customer relationships established by Sol Systems together with Capital Dynamics’ Clean Energy Infrastructure business that is home to a market-leading clean energy infrastructure platform with approximately $5.9 billion of assets under management.

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Why We Partnered with Capital Dynamics

Our partnership with Capital Dynamics aims to create a joint venture that paves the path for a sustainable, resilient, and bright future.

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