LCFS Management

Sol Systems’ LCFS management services are designed with one mission in mind – to make LCFS credit monetization as simple and streamlined as possible. The Sol team handles the administrative burden associated with participating in environmental commodity markets from start to finish, saving our clients thousands of hours annually and significant cost.

LCFS Made Easy

Sol works with entities in the transportation fuel sector to bring simplicity, stability, and security to LCFS generators looking to monetize their credits. Sol’s LCFS Management services include:

Registration and Reporting

Sol works with and on behalf of clients to select the most relevant Fuel Pathway and receive certification, register their assets with the State, and assemble and submit required reporting to ensure compliance and reduce clients’ burden

CI Score Optimization

Sol Systems can help optimize Carbon Intensity (CI) scores through onsite solar energy generation or the purchase and retirement of RECs, leading to increased LCFS generation and significant revenue upside

Credit Monetization

Sol Systems oversees all aspects of credit monetization including marketing to buyers and remitting payment to clients. We offer long-term, fixed-price contracts, as well as spot market solutions, providing clients with options to best fit their goals.

Asset Management

Sol Systems monitors its client’s assets to make sure assets are performing to expectation and achieving LCFS generation and revenue goals. Sol can provide customized asset management services based on clients’ needs

CI Score Optimization

Optimizing your CI score can help boost LCFS generation by 20-40%, resulting in significant revenue upside. Sol Systems can help optimize CI scores in two ways – by developing & installing onsite solar or by purchasing & retiring renewable energy credits (“RECs”).

Onsite Solar

Sol Systems’ in-house solar development team can boost LCFS generation by installing solar on-site for clients. Sol Systems has developed or financed over 1 gigawatt of solar projects for clients such as Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and others.

Sol Systems can also help finance the solar projects under a power purchase agreement (“PPA”), eliminating upfront capital costs and in many cases leading to direct power savings in addition to the CI score benefits.

Purchasing and Retiring RECs

For clients that do not want to install solar on-site or are not good candidates for on-site solar, Sol Systems can still help achieve a lower or Zero-CI score by purchasing and retiring RECs.

This process, called book-and-claim, allows clients to demonstrate carbon neutrality to CARB for purposes of the LCFS program. Sol Systems’ customer operations team oversees the mechanics of this process to ensure CARB protocol is followed.

Introducing Long-Term Hedges and Upfront Contracts to LCFS

Sol Systems was the first company to offer long-term hedges for RECs in the solar industry and is proud to bring the same innovation to the LCFS sector. Under a long-term hedge, Sol Systems helps LCFS generators lock into a guaranteed price for a set number of years.

Currently, Sol Systems is facilitating strips for anywhere from 3 years to 15 years for LCFS credits.


Secured Price for 3-15 Years

No Price Fluctuations

No Commission Fee

Quarterly Payments

Price Risk Protection

Leverage for Additional Financing

Choose How You Get Paid

See our various product offerings available across the markets that we serve

Sol Upfront

Receive one lump-sum payment for your expected production

Sol Annuity

Guaranteed, fixed payments for your commodities, typically in 3-5 year strips

Sol Profit Share

Guaranteed price floor per commodity with potential to profit on market upside

Sol Brokerage

Sell your commodities at the highest possible market rate each quarter at the cost of market risk