Environmental Commodity Management

Whether you are a homeowner, EV fleet operator, or renewable energy developer, Sol Systems brings experience, attention to detail, an results to customers.

Environmental Commodities

Sol Systems provides streamlined environmental commodity management services to system owners 



Renewable Fuels

Registrations & Customer Service

Sol Systems serves over 20,000 customers across the country, providing customers with a streamlined approach to qualifying and registering their renewable assets to maximize value

How it works


We take care of the registration process of renewable assets for customers by utilizing expertise across various regulatory and compliance entities to ensure quick and simple registration


We leverage proprietary software to carefully monitor our customers production data to keep on top of any changes, provide updates, and ensure accuracy


We employ a quick and simple payment process, ensuring everyone receives full payments on time

Strategic Partnerships

Who We Partner With


We provide solar installers with the certainty that their customers’ RECs are in capable hands, making a potentially painful process into an exciting opportunity for customers

Asset Owners

Whether you own a large portfolio of projects, or a lone residential system, Sol Systems will work with you to find the best solution to monetize the environmental commodities produced by your assets

Loan Providers

We offer customized contracts that alleviate the financial burden on borrowers, creating offerings that match the financial profile of your loan situation, and seamlessly work environmental commodities into the payback process

Daniel T., Solar Homeowner in Maryland

“Your entire Team is Top Shelf! I’m proud when I talk about you and I know you have my back.”

Daniel T.
Solar Homeowner in Maryland
Ryann C., Altered Energy

“Sol Systems has a great customer service team. They are very helpful in everything they do.”

Ryann C.
Altered Energy
Sharon W., Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.

“Sol Systems staff are consistently responsive and professional. Great customer service. And their rates paid via the brokerage option are competitive.”

Sharon W.
Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.
Jay J., Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.

“Fast response…helpful answers. Good first impression of the company for a new customer…thank you for having speedy customer service.”

Jay J.
Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.
Alice. T., Solar Homeowner in Pennsylvania

“Excellent customer service, ensuring that all pieces for my SREC application were in place. I’m glad that I chose Sol Systems.”

Alice. T.
Solar Homeowner in Pennsylvania
Yevgeniy T., Solar Homeowner in Maryland

“The service representative answered all my questions…and went out of their way to give me some extra information that I did not think to ask for.”

Yevgeniy T.
Solar Homeowner in Maryland
Daniel & Lisa V., Solar Homeowners in Massachusetts

” With Sol Systems… We have confidence that whenever we need help with our solar, you guys will be there.”

Daniel & Lisa V.
Solar Homeowners in Massachusetts