Environmental Commodity Management

Sol Systems has 15 years of experience working with corporates, solar homeowners, residential installers, LCFS asset owners, and REC buyers to streamline the process in which environmental commodities interact with our customers

Corporate REC Procurement

Sol helps corporate clients achieve their sustainability needs through customized renewable energy credit solutions that provide key financing for renewable energy projects

Goal Evaluation

Sol’s industry-leading renewable energy commodity team works with individual customers to understand and develop unique REC procurement solutions to meet defined goals

Customized Solutions

In alignment with customer goals, Sol customizes a procurement solution, which can range from national Green-E certified credits to state-specific RECs

Transaction Management

Sol’s dedicated customer services team handles the registration, reporting, and payment processes for customer transactions and can provide you with specific REC detail to meet your reporting needs

SREC Management

Sol Systems is one of the oldest SREC aggregators in the United States, offering best-in-class SREC monetization solutions to solar homeowners and asset owners.

LCFS Management

Sol Systems provides Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) management services  to customers, making LCFS credit monetization as simple and streamlined as possible

Registration &

Sol’s customer service team handles registration, reporting and payment processes for customer transactions, providing specific LCFS detail to meet your reporting needs

CI Score

Sol can help optimize Carbon Intensity (CI) scores and increase revenue through the installation of onsite solar or through the purchase and retirement of RECs


Sol oversees all aspects of credit monetization including marketing to buyers and remitting payments to customers


Sol ensures assets are performing as expected to achieve defined LCFS generation and revenue goals, and can provide customized asset management services

Daniel T., Solar Homeowner in Maryland

“Your entire Team is Top Shelf! I’m proud when I talk about you and I know you have my back.”

Daniel T.
Solar Homeowner in Maryland
Ryann C., Altered Energy

“Sol Systems has a great customer service team. They are very helpful in everything they do.”

Ryann C.
Altered Energy
Sharon W., Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.

“Sol Systems staff are consistently responsive and professional. Great customer service. And their rates paid via the brokerage option are competitive.”

Sharon W.
Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.
Jay J., Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.

“Fast response…helpful answers. Good first impression of the company for a new customer…thank you for having speedy customer service.”

Jay J.
Solar Homeowner in Washington, D.C.
Alice. T., Solar Homeowner in Pennsylvania

“Excellent customer service, ensuring that all pieces for my SREC application were in place. I’m glad that I chose Sol Systems.”

Alice. T.
Solar Homeowner in Pennsylvania
Yevgeniy T., Solar Homeowner in Maryland

“The service representative answered all my questions…and went out of their way to give me some extra information that I did not think to ask for.”

Yevgeniy T.
Solar Homeowner in Maryland
Daniel & Lisa V., Solar Homeowners in Massachusetts

” With Sol Systems… We have confidence that whenever we need help with our solar, you guys will be there.”

Daniel & Lisa V.
Solar Homeowners in Massachusetts