Employee Spotlight – Sandhya Mahadevan

25 Oct 2019

Sandhya Mahadevan is a Business Development Senior Associate on the Sol Customer Solutions Team (SCS).

With a team of bright, dedicated professionals, Sol Customer Solutions (SCS)delivers premier services for solar energy clients with one of the strongest solar development platforms in the United States for customers in the commercial, municipal, and educational space. Throughout the year, we will give you an inside look at some of the incredible work our team members have been doing. Today, we are featuring Business Development Senior Associate, Sandhya Mahadevan, to hear about her experiences and opportunities at Sol Customer Solutions. 

1. What brought you to Sol Systems? 

I originally came to Sol Systems as an intern. At the time, I was a student at Georgetown, looking for an internship outside of the realm of being environmental and conservation oriented. Sol Systems attracted my interest because it focused more on innovation, technology, and energy efficiency.  After I went through the interview process, I instantly knew that liked the environment. Looking back, continuing to work here is one of the best choices I’ve made for my career. 

 2. What sparked your interest in renewable energy? 

My interest in renewable energy stems from my passion for climate change and climate justice. With that being said, the people affected by climate change and injustice are usually in low income situations. These people don’t necessarily have the means to contribute to a solution. I’ve long had a passion for technology and clean energy innovation, and regarding how to fight climate injustice, merging those two attributes is a huge passion of mine. 

3. Of all the different types of energy, what stuck out to you about solar? 

A unique attribute of solar is that it is more accessible than different types of renewable energy.  Photovoltaic solar is one of the few forms of electric generation that is not turbine-based. It’s also one of the few types of technology that ranges from residential to utility scale. Solar is a mature market, so you also have a chance to study how the industry has developed over the past 20 years or so and how changes are occurring with new technology innovation, financing structures, and policy.  

4. What is your favorite part about working at Sol Systems? 

A big factor is the people, but it’s also the ability to use people as resources. We have a wealth of experience at this company. You have experts who pioneered and innovated the solar industry. I am fortunate to work alongside them, ask them questions, and pick their brain. We are a small team that is growing, so you have a chance to gain experience doing a variety of activities. But what makes this company unique is that my job is constantly interesting. That’s an advantage of being in development and being at Sol, and I am thankful for these opportunities. 

5. Where do you see the solar energy industry in the next 10 years and how will your role at SCS play into that? 

In 10 years, my anticipation for the solar industry is that we are going to be looking at larger-scale solar assets. The big C&I customers and the PPAs associated with them are going to expire or reach their roof’s lifespan. With that, solar panels will be pulled off and roofs will be replaced, leaving room for new technology, or virtual/off-site PPAs. Industries will need off-site PPAs for data centers, but I’m curious to see how large retailers or commercial real estate companies are going to handle their energy needs through energy efficiency or solar. Building efficiency standards with regards to renewables have increased, especially in D.C. and New York, which lends itself to a promising future for our industry.

6. Outside of Sol Systems, what do you like to do for fun? 

I love music and being outdoors, so ideally, being at an outdoor concert. More recently, I have been volunteering for nature clean-up events. I really like being outside, getting dirty, and cleaning up a resource that is nice for all of D.C. to enjoy. 

Are you interested in joining the SCS family? Visit our careers page to see which career opportunities we are currently offering. 


Sol Customer Solutions (SCS) offers commercial, municipal, and educational customers competitive and compelling renewable energy solutions. As businesses, cities, and schools increasingly transition into more sustainable, resilient and low-cost energy, SCS focuses on delivering a comprehensive and integrated suite of renewable energy and storage solutions. 

 As a joint venture between Sol Systems and Capital Dynamics, SCS provides new access to large pools of institutional capital alongside one of the most experienced solar finance and development platforms in the United States. SCS leverages the development business and customer relationships established by Sol Systems together with Capital Dynamics’ Clean Energy Infrastructure business that is home to a market-leading clean energy infrastructure platform with approximately $5.9 billion of assets under management. For more information, please visit https://discover.solsystems.com/ 





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Claire Siwulec

Claire Siwulec