Employee Spotlight – Miles Braxton

9 Oct 2019

Miles Braxton is a Business Development Analyst on the Sol Team.

With a team of bright, dedicated professionals, Sol Systems, delivers premier services for solar energy clients with one of the strongest solar development platforms in the United States for customers in the commercial, municipal, and educational space. Throughout the year, we will give you an inside look at some of the incredible work our team members have been doing. Today, we are featuring Business Development Analyst Miles Braxton, to hear about his experiences and opportunities at Sol.

  1. What sparked your interest in the solar energy industry?

I majored in environmental science at UVA with engineering background as well, so renewable energy was one of the better ways to combine those two disciplines. My first year in college, I was fortunate enough to work with a renowned physicist in photonics lab that manufactured solar panels. This was my first exposure to the renewable energy industry, and I instantly knew it was something I wanted to do long term.

  1. What brought you to Sol?

When I graduated from UVA, I wanted to start somewhere in the renewable energy industry. This led me to receive a fellowship at ITility, which recently created a renewable energy division. I knew I could deploy an impact for climate change and solar was one of the ways I could do that. When I started looking for employment, Sol was always on my radar. It’s one of the marquis solar firms on the East Coast.

  1. What drew you to Sol in particular as a company?

Sol is just fun. I genuinely enjoy going to work because I am surrounded by a fun environment filled with like-minded people who have similar passions.  I am constantly learning something new every day, which is great for my professional development.

  1. How has your role at SCS evolved?

Sol is a great work environment because you are given a lot of opportunity at an entry level position. When I started at Sol, I assisted other employee’s projects and helped with other tasks. However, by my second month, I was working on my own proposals and projects. Sol offers a lot of responsibility, which comes with high expectations for success. There are so many different people to learn from as well, making my job so much more enjoyable.

  1. Do you have any tips for people wanting to get involved in renewable energy?

When I was in college, I had three unpaid internships over the course of two summers through the Department of Energy SunShot initiative and the DC Department of Energy and The Environment. Gaining connections within those two fields helped me decipher whether I wanted to work in the government or private sector. This not only helped me get into the renewable energy space but fine-tuned what I wanted to do.

  1. Outside of Sol, what do you like to do for fun?

I love to make music and rapping in my free time. I also enjoy watching Netflix, especially Breaking Bad, Ozark, and Narcos. Other than that, I like hanging out with friends on the weekend. To my advantage, Sol Systems is strategically placed downtown, so being able to explore DC is easy and accessible.

Are you interested in joining the Sol family? Visit our careers page to see which career opportunities we are currently offering.


Sol Customer Solutions (SCS) offers commercial, municipal, and educational customers competitive and compelling renewable energy solutions. As businesses, cities, and schools increasingly transition into more sustainable, resilient and low-cost energy, SCS focuses on delivering a comprehensive and integrated suite of renewable energy and storage solutions.

As a joint venture between Sol Systems and Capital Dynamics, SCS provides new access to large pools of institutional capital alongside one of the most experienced solar finance and development platforms in the United States. SCS leverages the development business and customer relationships established by Sol Systems together with Capital Dynamics’ Clean Energy Infrastructure business that is home to a market-leading clean energy infrastructure platform with approximately $5.9 billion of assets under management. For more information, please visit https://discover.solsystems.com/

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Claire Siwulec

Claire Siwulec