Clean Energy Procurement

Sol Systems works with Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and others to finance and develop sustainable, clean energy.

Meeting Your Sustainability and Clean Energy Goals

Sol Systems develops innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for a more equitable energy future

Infrastructure + Impact

Sol Systems is enabling public and private organizations to invest in and procure renewable energy while making impactful contributions through Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs)

Solar Energy + Storage

Sol Systems has developed nearly 300 MW of onsite solar and storage projects for public and private customers on adjacent property across the nation to achieve energy savings and sustainability

Environmental Commodity

Our premiere environmental commodity management team helps customers monetize and manage SRECs, LFCS credits, and a host of other environmental commodities

Impact + Infrastructure Solutions

Our solutions enable customers to create meaningful environmental and societal impacts while procuring clean energy

No Upfront Costs 

Sol Systems finances, owns, and maintains its projects, without the need for upfront or ongoing operational spend from our clients

Energy Savings

Our fixed-rate electricity provides price stability and savings over the course of our contract, with many customers seeing savings on day one of operation

Brand Elevation

Solar remains one of the more direct and visible sustainability milestones – a tool for customers to display and promote their clean energy efforts

Battery Storage

Declining costs have made battery storage a valuable opportunity for electricity users to store energy to use at the most optimal times for their load profile to reduce capacity charges. Our team provides customers with options designed to maximize value.