Diversity Statement

We built this company together, based on a diversity of distinct perspectives and ideas that come from a wide range of identities and backgrounds. We believe that the truth lies in an amalgamation of these perspectives. As our industry grows, and our place in the industry continues to expand, our team shall continue to reflect a diversity of thought and experiences across a spectrum of identities.

We seek out and welcome all because we believe that the best and the brightest are among this broader universe, and because we know we’ll be better suited to navigate the challenges ahead. Understanding, kindness, respect, and humility guide this effort.

We realize that historically not all communities have had the same access to education and opportunity and that the makeup of the personnel and professional networks of today reflect this history. Consequently, this company and our community will be proactive and intentional, to ensure that we are creating an environment that addresses these inequities.

We built this company on a vision of bold innovation and seamless collaboration. It powers our business, our people, and our leadership in the solar energy industry. We are a company of big ideas and real results, doing work that matters, with people who care deeply about preserving the present and future for everyone here and those yet to come. We invite you to join us, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or who you love.