Phil Priolo
Vice President, Risk and Operations

Phil Priolo serves as the Vice President of Risk and Operations and leads the risk management and trading operations teams. The team builds the risk management framework for the trading organization. This includes implementing a risk and credit policy, leading the risk committee and developing a comprehensive risk framework for the business.

Prior to working at Sol, Phil spent the last 15 years at Exelon in roles in credit and risk. During his time at the company he developed and implemented Exelon’s credit risk policy, negotiated long term structured transactions and monitored Exelon’s $5B credit portfolio. In the role Phil had prior to leaving Exelon,  he led the market risk team that focused on managing portfolio metrics like V@R, GM@R, position limits and stop loss. His team also handled trade confirmations, cash application, FCM reconciliation and compliance activities.

Phil graduated Penn State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Business Analysis and Temple University where he achieved an MBA in Finance.