Working at Sol Systems

Careers at Sol Systems offer employees the opportunity to shape our energy future in a dynamic entrepreneurial environment. Here's what our team has to say about working at Sol Systems.

  • Joe Song, Senior Director, Investment Analysis

    "I departed from my first solar endeavor over 4 years ago not knowing what I would do next, but I absolutely knew that I would be seeking an experience that was as meaningful as my first job… and with the 'right team.' As I got to know the Sol Systems team, I saw that this was a great fit for both of us. This was an opportunity worth waiting for, and I'm lucky to be a part of this organization."

  • Andrew Gilligan, Senior Director, Investments

    "One of the best parts of working at Sol Systems is the location. Literally, it is a block from my apartment. But more importantly, Sol Systems is located in the middle of a revolutionary movement to transform the way that electricity is generated in the U.S. By working at Sol Systems, I am in a position to help shape that path."

  • Anna Noucas, Senior Associate, Distributed Generation M&A

    "Because Sol Systems allows me to learn, grow, think, teach, inspire and be inspired, live, laugh and love. And at the end of the day, everything we do helps achieve one of my personal goals of leaving a better, cleaner, and healthier world for our children and our children’s children… and so on and so forth.  A goal which I think we all believe in."

  • Bridget Callahan, SREC Operations Manager

    "Sol Systems is for the self-directed, the motivated, the ones who won’t settle. Every workplace has its ups and downs, but the fact that I have real responsibilities that work towards an important goal is why it is my workplace choice."

  • Dan Yonkin, VP, Finance

    "Each morning, Sol Systems starts the day with an affirmation that we, as consumers of energy, can and will make clean, renewable, and domestically produced electricity a part of our future. I choose to work here because we live by our principles, and have fun doing it."

  • Jason Cimpl, Senior Director, Trading

    "Sol Systems is my employer of choice because of the people. You’ve got a talented bunch of motivated individuals working together to solve a huge problem. We’re fearless in our outreach, creative with our financing solutions and dedicated to driving solar development. Working closely with this team for only a few hours, and you quickly get the sense that they will turn an industry upside down."

  • Jessica Robbins, Director, Structured Finance

    "I came to Sol Systems because I wanted to work with a team that cared about doing excellent work with integrity. There are so many positives:  the work we do here is original and exciting, the industry is still growing and full of opportunity, and our mission makes a positive difference in the world. But what makes every day awesome is the people. The Sol team includes some of the funniest, kindest, and smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Sol Systems is place for people with purpose, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it."

  • Leslie Barkemeyer, Deputy General Counsel

    "I look forward to coming to work and running deals for this simple reason: teamwork at Sol is organic, authentic, and intensely effective."

  • Thomas Larson, Senior Associate, Investments

    "One of the best parts about working at Sol can be distilled to the concept of Agency. We get an enormous amount of latitude to make decisions, propose solutions, and drive opportunities in ways that are usually reserved for individuals with much more experience. It’s a great place to jump start a career."

  • William Graves, Senior Associate, Distributed Generation M&A

    "Because there’s no other company where I can spend 36 straight hours with my colleagues and look like this at the end..."

    Several members of the Sol Systems team ran a 200 mile relay race together.