If C&I Solar Projects Were Thanksgiving Dinner

Blog Thomas Larson | November 25, 2014

If C&I Solar Projects Were Thanksgiving Dinner

A well-executed solar project can be almost as satisfying as Thanksgiving dinner; the only difference is that you are still…
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Blog William Graves | November 24, 2014

What Game Theory Can Tell Us about Middle Market, C&I Solar

The decisions made along the path of solar project finance and development have major implications for the growth –or stagnation—of…
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Blog Colin Murchie | October 28, 2014

Come on & Feel the Illi-Noise: Why 2015 Will be a Big Year for Illinois Solar

Prepared in collaboration with Sol Systems Intern Mark Noll On September 29, the Illinois Power Agency released its draft 2015…
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Blog Eric Lustgarten | October 28, 2014

Ohio Opposition to Renewables & Solar Energy Mounts

Sacrificing renewables promised reduced prices for customers; but now could end up raising the bill for Ohioans. Ohio’s electrical market…
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Blog Thomas Kinrade | July 18, 2014

A Sixth YieldCo Goes Public as the Asset Class Has its First Anniversary

Today TerraForm Power Inc. (TERP), a spinoff from SunEdison (SUNE), had its IPO making it the sixth yield corporation or…
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Blog Erica Nangeroni | June 19, 2014

Ohio Becomes the First State to Freeze its Renewable Portfolio Standard

With the signing of Senate Bill 310 (SB 310), Ohio has become the first state to “freeze” its Renewable Portfolio…
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Blog Thomas Larson | December 05, 2013

Sol Systems Seeks Renewable Energy Intern

Position: Solar Analyst Intern (position beginning in January 2014) targeted towards undergraduates Description: The Solar Analyst Intern will assist with…
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Blog Thomas Larson | November 05, 2013

Reaching Beyond the Roof: Three Strategies for Corporate Investments in Solar

The Compelling Solar Asset Class There are many options available to corporations interested in investing in solar projects. The market…
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Blog William Graves | September 12, 2013

California Solar Incentive Alert: Re-MAT Feed-in Tariff Program

Pursuant to Senate Bill 32 of 2009, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) implemented the Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff (Re-MAT) program on…
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Blog Daniel Watson | May 02, 2013

Renewable Portfolio Standards Face Stiff Opposition Across the Country

Renewable Portfolio Standards across the nation are under re-examination by state lawmakers, aiming to diminish or eliminate these programs. Despite…
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