SREC Customers

Washington, D.C.

SRECs in Washington D.C. are highly lucrative and paramount to solar financing. Sol Systems is proud to call D.C. our home and doubly proud to consistently get the highest possible prices for SRECs.

Contract Options

We offer Annuity, Combo, Upfront, and Brokerage contracts in the District. Learn more about our contract options.

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May 2017 Contract Options
Sol Annuity 3 3-year fixed rate $380/SREC
Sol Annuity 5 5-year fixed rate $375/SREC
Sol Combo 10 10-year fixed rate $400/SREC for 3 years
$300/SREC for 7 years
Sol Upfront 5 One time, lump sum in exchange for 5 years of SRECs $1,200/kWdc
Sol Upfront 15 One time, lump sum in exchange for 15 years of SRECs $1,600/kWdc
Sol Brokerage Market rate (commission fee greater of $5 or 5%) Last sale: $472/SREC