SREC Customers

Installer SREC Partnerships

Renewable energy legislation and market dynamics are constantly evolving, and it is complicated to understand the value of all available solar incentives. At Sol Systems, we manage this complexity by working hand-in-hand with our solar installer partners to provide short and long-term SREC solutions.

Since our inception in 2008, we have successfully established our SREC services through trusted, long-term partnerships with over 350 residential and small commercial solar installers who offer our SREC financing solutions to their customers. These solutions include Sol Annuity, Sol Upfront, and Sol Brokerage, and our SREC pricing is guaranteed for any systems under 20 kW.

Advantages to Working with Us

Under an SREC partnership with Sol Systems, residential and small commercial solar installers receive:

  • - Our suite of innovative SREC options for your customers’ SREC financing needs.

  • - Monthly SREC pricing, legislative updates, and market commentary via our monthly SREC partner newsletter, Sol Circuit.

  • - Free state registration with states and relevant regulatory authorities where possible.

  • - Access to our online database for SREC account management and registration.

  • - Sol Systems’ in-house customer service team for any of your customers’ SREC inquiries.

There is no fee to sign-up as a Sol Systems SREC partner.

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