Yuri Horwitz, Sol Systems’ CEO, has spoke extensively about the United States’ SREC markets at a number of recent conferences, including a presentation at PV America, held in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on April 3-5th, Novogradac’s Financing Solar Energy Conference in San Francisco, held on April 28th, and a number of presentations locally in the District and Maryland. Mr. Horwitz typically presents on the technical and core drivers in the solar industry’s relatively nascent solar renewable energy credit (SREC) markets, as well as best practices for policymakers. More recently, Sol Systems has been focused on communicating some of the inherent risks in the SREC market, and also best practices to deal with some of these risks.

“It’s terrific to be communicating with the industry in scale like this. The SREC markets are our creation, and we have the responsibility to be stewards for these markets, and help guide policy-makers craft legislation and regulations that work for all,” said Mr. Horwitz. “As the SREC markets continue to grow by 50% annually, these markets will grow in complexity, and so our efforts must grow in focus. We at Sol Systems take this responsibility very seriously.”
Sol Systems has been meeting with policy makers in DC as well as Pennsylvania over the last year to help stabilize what are increasingly volatile SREC markets. Sol Systems has also been meeting with state policymakers hoping to craft SREC legislation in order to help guide policy that is dynamic in a changing market, but also stable as the industry continues to scale.

“We were leaders in establishing these markets, and so we must be leaders in helping to ensure they succeed. We’re absolutely dedicated to these efforts, and a significant part of our job is educating others about how these markets work, and if we want to see them succeed, how we must work together to ensure this success.”