Sol Systems’ CEO and President, Yuri Horwitz, attended the first annual Creating Climate Wealth Summit this week, held in Washington DC and sponsored by the Carbon War Room and the Earth Day Network.

Creating Climate Wealth brought together entrepreneurs as well as leaders in the government, non-profit, and corporate community to jointly address climate change issues and provide insights and expertise on the policies, market frameworks, and programs that will clear the barriers to deliver emission reductions and promote job creation.  Prominent speaker Sir Richard Branson summarizes a core belief of the summit by stating, “Almost 50% of emissions can be eliminated without adding any burdens to consumers through improved market structures and enhanced policies. Climate change solutions represent the largest wealth creating opportunity of our generation.” The gathering focused on enhancing examining existing proposals and also encouraging participants to use their entrepreneurial expertise to develop new approaches based on market conditions.

As stated in its title, the Summit believes that responding to climate change can be effectively addressed through an economic lens. “We absolutely share the overall vision of this conference,” Mr. Horwitz noted, “Consumption and individual behavior are driven by incentives, and those incentives are socio-economic.  This conference emphasized refining our policy to fully integrate the many positive externalities that energy efficiency and renewable energy bring to the table, aligning stakeholder interests to push forward those policies and priorities, and creating economic instruments to capture and monetize this value. “

Mr. Horwitz adds, “Of course behavior is absolutely driven by moral principles as well, and there is a critical spiritual/religious component that emphasizes our responsibility as stewards of Earth that many of our religious leaders are starting to articulate as well.  We firmly believe it will be a combination of these two movements that will ensure a sustainable future.”

Leading the summit were Sir Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group, Craig Cogut, founder and Co-Managing Partner of Pegasus Capital Advisors, Jigar Shah, CEO of the Carbon War Room and a founder of SunEdison, and Travis Bradford, Founder of the Prometheus Institute and COO of the Caron War Room.  Other attendees included General Wesley Clark, Jose Mari Figueres, former President of Costa Rica, David Steiner, CEO of Waste Management, Melissa Etheridge, and others.  The summit took place on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and will be the first step for many of its participants. Sol Systems is proud to be part of the solution to reduce carbon emissions through the promotion of economic growth based on clean energy.