Sol Systems and Clean Currents, two pioneers in distributed solar energy finance and development, have partnered together. The collaborative partnership between Sol Systems and Clean Currents ensures more prospective solar energy system owners across the mid-Atlantic will have access to SREC financing, which makes generating solar energy both affordable and simple. “With Clean Currents’ accomplishments in context, it is a great honor for Sol Systems to announce this collaborative partnership” said Sol Systems CEO, Yuri Horwitz. Under the new partnership, Sol Systems will work with Clean Currents to ensure their customers continue to receive the highest value for the sale of their SRECs.

Clean Currents is a leading independent solar energy installer and clean energy broker, operating in the mid-Atlantic region. Clean Currents provides a diverse array of services, ranging from solar installations to power switch agreements for homeowners and businesses. Recently, Clean Currents provided Sol Systems with a Wind Renewable Energy Credit (REC) purchasing agreement that offset Sol Team’s entire business and personal carbon footprint. Clean Currents has been honored with such awards as the Maryland Green Company of the Year in 2010 and the DC Mayor’s Environmental Excellence Award in 2009. For more information about Clean Currents, please visit

Sol Systems is a Washington D.C. based solar energy finance and development firm. With more than 1,000 customers across 13 states, Sol Systems has become a critical player in developing SREC markets and financing solar energy systems. Sol Systems currently offers long-term, fixed price SREC contracts, upfront SREC contracts, and SREC brokerage solutions in New Jersey. By utilizing Sol Systems’ options, customers can reduce solar installation costs anywhere from 20-40%. For more information about Sol Systems, please visit,