Sol Systems has partnered with PHI Service Company and Delmarva Power to help finance solar energy for the state of Maryland. Under the agreement, reached this June, Sol Systems will facilitate a significant investment into the solar community on behalf of PHI and Delmarva and also ensure that both have a reliable supplier for the development of their solar renewable energy credit (SREC) portfolio.

Sol Systems is the preeminent SREC aggregator in the United States, and a key financial partner to the solar community. The company works in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia. Sol Systems is founded on two goals: (1) to make solar energy an affordable option for businesses and homeowners, and (2) to provide energy suppliers with a portal through which to invest in the solar community.

“We see our partnership with PHI and Delmarva as the beginning of a much larger process,” says Yuri Horwitz, CEO and President of Sol Systems. “The key here is pairing traditional energy suppliers with the resources and players in the renewable energy field to make state RPS legislation work. We think these relationships are fundamental to that process, and we value our partnerships with our supplier partners like PHI and Delmarva.”