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Sol Systems has assembled one of the most sophisticated teams of solar development, delivery, and finance experts in the industry with a reputation for integrity and execution. Our in-house engineering, development and legal resources bring projects from concept to completion as efficiently as possible.

Sol has a deep bench of solar professionals and products to secure capacity with host customers, and an unparalleled network of solar developers that we have been sourcing deals from since 2008.  Additionally, Sol is home to a leading PJM SREC desk that employs proprietary algorithms and capital to optimize SREC sales and management.

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Meet Our Solar Finance & Energy Experts

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Yuri Horwitz

Chief Executive Officer
  • Solar Energy Tax Structured Investments
  • Commercial Solar Energy Project Finance
  • Solar Energy Securitization
  • Solar Energy Debt Financing
  • SREC Markets
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Jason Cimpl

Vice President, Trading
  • Environmental Commodities Markets and Trading
  • SREC Supply and Demand Forecasting
  • Portfolio Risk Management
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Becca Glazer

Senior Director, Structured Finance
  • Solar Energy Tax Structured Investments
  • Renewable Energy Finance
  • Renewable energy tax technical guidance
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Georgina Owino-Trice

Senior Associate Counsel
  • Solar Energy Investment and Acquisition Strategies
  • Debt, Equity and Mezzanine Financing Structures
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Eugene Rhee

Director, Perfomance Enginerring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • O&M
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Jessica Robbins

Senior Director, Structured Finance
  • Solar Energy Tax Equity Investments
  • Solar Project M&A
  • C&I and Distributed Utility Solar Assets
  • Underwriting Complex Portfolios
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Joe Song

Vice President, Project Operations
Expert Topics: PV System Design Solar Energy Technical Due Diligence Operational Risk Assessment EPC/Construction Quality Joe Song oversees technical diligence…
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Liz Weir

Chief Operating Officer
  • Renewable Energy Development and Financing
  • Corporate Oversight
  • Business Processes and Strategy
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Gabriel Wuebben

Senior Director, Structured Finance
  • Solar Energy Tax Structured Investments
  • Renewable Energy Finance
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Olga Zelenova

Vice President, Accounting & Finance
Olga is a Finance Executive with over 15 years of global experience in structured and corporate finance, and accounting. At…
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