For some time, solar investors and developers have been required to hire third party engineers and legal counsel to perform initial project due diligence (costing $10,000-30,000 for engineering analysis and upwards of $50,000+ for legal services) before even finalizing a term sheet. These high transaction costs make most solar projects under 1 MW financially unfeasible and many larger projects unattractive.

Now, those considering whether to invest in or develop a commercial or small utility-scale project can spend just $2,000-4,000 and receive an initial fatal flaw analysis of risks that gives them the confidence to push forward – or the evidence they need to put the brakes on a project before committing significant amounts of their firm’s time and capital.

Yuri Horwitz, CEO of Sol Systems, commented, “We see hundreds of projects come through SolMarket, and one of the consistent barriers to financing is an efficient way for investors to review a project’s engineering and business components. By reducing these costs through standardization, SolSnapshot provides investors and developers with an affordable fatal flaws analysis for a given project for a few thousand dollars – instead of a hundred thousand, and in a few days – instead of a few weeks.”

SolSnapshot is part of Sol Systems’ broader diligence services for investors and developers and adds a layer of depth to the project underwriting provided on SolMarket, Sol Systems’ project finance arm. It advances Sol Systems’ larger goal of standardizing and streamlining financing for the solar community.

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About Sol Systems
Sol Systems is a solar finance firm and a leader in financial innovation in the renewable energy industry. Since its inception in 2008, Sol Systems has partnered with 350 installers and developers to bring over 3,000 solar projects from conception to completion by offering innovative financing solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects.

Sol Systems’ financing programs catalyze investments for a broad set of solar projects by simplifying their origination, diligence, and financing processes. Developers seeking financing for projects can access over $2.5 billion in capital through the Sol Systems investor network.

In addition to providing financing, Sol Systems also offers project due diligence, deal structuring, and asset management services – all designed to reduce overhead and transaction costs and quicken project development timelines.

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