Meet the Sol Systems SREC Customer Service Team

26 Aug 2014

Meet the Sol Systems Customer Service (CS) Team: Sara Rafalson, Alex Mas, Victoria Ngare, and Bridget Callahan.

Seasoned SREC Operations Analyst, Bridget Callahan, provides assistance to a customer in need.

Seasoned SREC Operations Analyst, Bridget Callahan, provides assistance to a customer in need.

Together, they manage accounts for Sol Systems’ customer base of over 4,200+ solar energy system owners in thirteen states who rely on Sol Systems to sell their solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). Their responsibilities are broad, including customer management and support, tracking meter readings, and registering systems with the necessary state and regulatory agencies. Sol Systems prides itself on its superior customer service, and we get back to all customer inquiries within one business day.

While many Sol Systems customers may recognize their names, we wanted to give our SREC customer and installer base the opportunity to get to know the friendly voice on the other side of the phone. 

Who are you, and what are your CS responsibilities?

I’m Sara Rafalson. I oversee the customer service team and channel partnerships with solar installers who rely on Sol Systems to manage their customers’ SRECs.

My name is Alex Mas and I am one of the company’s Customer Services Representatives. I handle all customer inquiries either via email or phone.

My name is Victoria Ngare. In addition to being a resource for our customers via phone and email, I am responsible for working on initiatives to streamlining our processes to improve the Sol Systems customer experience.

I’m Bridget, the SREC operations analyst for Sol Systems. I’m responsible for improving our operations, submitting state applications, resolving meter reading issues, and corresponding with state and regulatory entities on behalf of our customers.

What have you worked on recently that makes you proud?

Sara: The customer service team has made me proud on multiple occasions. I’m proud of the team dynamic of our team; they help out one another and collaborate on solutions.

I am also proud of relationships we have built with solar installers. We handle the SREC puzzle for them so they can focus on sales.

Moreover, as SREC market conditions evolve, we are evolving our business, and the CS team is at the forefront of that charge.

Alex: We recently had an outreach program to contact customers with expiring Sol Systems contracts which had an impressive return rate. We are proactive in getting our customers to renew contracts to ensure that they don’t miss out on SREC payments.

Victoria: I’ve been working on some initiatives to increase customer satisfaction by streamlining some of our customer service processes. Among other things, these initiatives include adding features to our online tool that will allow customers to track registration progress when they expand their arrays or move and must sell their solar energy system along with the sale of their home.  I’m also working to make communications with our customers more efficient and clear.

Bridget: I’m proud of completing my first customer newsletter, which is sent out with our customers’ quarterly payments. The quarterly newsletters are an important chance to inform customers about state policy, SREC markets, and our company. It was very exciting to write something that will be sent out to our entire customer base.       

What do you like to do when you’re not in the office?

Sara: I play water polo several times a week and travel on weekends for tournaments. I also enjoy hiking, biking, Zumba, and books. I’m currently reading From Edison to Enron: Electricity Markets and Political Strategies and am really enjoying it. On the side, I volunteer with Women in Solar, a national non-profit dedicated to advancing professional opportunities for women in the solar industry.

CS team lead, Sara Rafalson,at a 227 kW solar energy system that Sol Systems financed in Washington, DC.

CS team lead, Sara Rafalson,at a 227 kW solar energy system that Sol Systems financed in Washington, DC.

Alex: I enjoy going hiking, cooking, DYI projects around the house, and interior design.

Victoria: Outside of the office I do a lot of yoga; it gives mental, physical and spiritual strength. You can also find me exploring the local food scene, hiking, at a cultural event, or cutting a rug somewhere in the DMV.

Bridget: I have a part-time job at one of my favorite companies, Patagonia. Like Sol Systems, Patagonia has an extremely strong culture as a mission-based company that focuses on providing business solutions to complex environmental problems.

When I’m not at work, I am usually keeping active by jogging, tennis, soccer, yoga, and getting out of the city to hike whenever possible. Besides that, I love getting outside in the District by attending sporting events or outdoor movies.    

Where are you from? What’s your background?

Sara: I grew up in Chicago and North Carolina. I graduated from the University of North Carolina, where I studied International Studies, Sustainability, and Spanish.

Alex: I am originally from Maryland; however, I spent most of my life abroad in many different countries including Uruguay, Spain, Germany and Turkey.

Victoria: I was born in Nyeri, Kenya and moved to the Atlanta, GA when I was six years old. I would say that I’m lucky enough to have two homes!

Bridget: I’m from Indianapolis, IN. For undergrad, I attended the Ford School of Public Policy at University of Michigan where I studied environmental and health care policy. Prior to starting at Sol Systems, I worked at several non-profit organizations and a health care research organization.

Do you have any talents?

Sara: …not that I can think of… [Blogger’s note: Sara has a number of talents.]

Alex: I would like to say that some of my best talents include being multilingual, cooking and my keen eye for interior design.

Victoria: Hmmm… tough one. I’m a really good cook. I especially love exploring vegetarian recipes from different cultures. Lately, I’ve been on a Sudanese food kick. Sudan’s food culture is as rich and varied as its people!

Bridget: I’m pretty talented at defending the Midwest. Besides that I’m an experienced backpacker and tennis player.

What brought you to Sol Systems?

Sara: I am concerned about climate change, and I saw solar energy as a tangible way to make a difference. At Sol Systems, we are streamlining solar project financing, making it easier and more efficient.

Alex: I previously worked for a solar installer and enjoyed being part of a growing field that is saving our planet one solar panel at a time. I therefore decided to take my solar career to the next level and start with Sol Systems.

Victoria: During the Fall 2012 holiday party, one of our team members made the statement, “…If we ever think that we’re not doing something good for the world, then we should stop what we’re doing and realign ourselves.” I’ve always known that I wanted to affect positive change in this world in a substantive way. Sol Systems allows me that opportunity, while doing challenging work with creative, passionate and intelligent people.

Bridget: I wanted to work in a field that bridged the gap between business, policy, and environment. Although I hadn’t intended to work in renewables, it was a natural fit considering my interests and background. Sol Systems is a young and growing company, so it is an exciting place to start my career.

If you would like to join the customer service team, or another team at Sol Systems, please visit our Careers page to view current openings.

About Sol Systems

Sol Systems is a renewable energy finance firm that provides secure, sustainable investment opportunities to investor clients, and sophisticated project financing solutions to developers.  Founded in 2008, Sol Systems focuses on meeting the industry’s most critical solar financing needs, including tax structured investments, capital placement, debt financing, and SREC portfolio management. To date, the company has facilitated financing for thousands of distributed generation solar projects and hundreds of millions in investment on behalf of Fortune 100 corporations, utilities, banks, family offices, and individuals. For more information, please visit

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