Invest In Solar

Solar Equity Investments and Ownership

1 GW of Solar Investment, Finance, and Development  

Cash equity investors, such as utilities and proprietary funds, have turned to Sol Systems to access the firm’s:

  • National, proprietary network of commercial and utility-scale developers
  • Proven programmatic approach for originating, securing, performing diligence
  • Calibrated pro forma, standardized PPA, EPC, O&M, lease documents and technical specifications provide
  • Industry-leading technical team of engineers and project managers
  • Technical specifications developed in conjunction with independent engineers and industry standards
  • Home to a leading PJM SREC desk that employs proprietary algorithms and capital to optimize SREC sales and management.

Sol offers its clients one of the most sophisticated teams of solar development, delivery, and finance experts within the industry with a reputation for integrity and execution. In-house engineering, development and legal resources to bring projects from concept to completion.

Sol has deployed hundreds of million on behalf of Fortune 100, institutional investors and banks, with over $650 million in assets under arrangement.  Our finance team is dedicated to optimizing capital deployed into each solar project and portfolio to provide the most competitive solution for customers.

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The Solar Asset Class

The solar project asset class provides rich ground for investors seeking compelling risk-adjusted returns. With respect to real estate and other infrastructure, solar project investments compare favorably from both a risk and returns perspective. As a result, in the past 5 years, institutional investors seeking above-market returns without sacrificing on the quality of the asset, have invested tens of billions in these assets.

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Tax Equity

Congress has set the Investment Tax Credit (“ITC”) for eligible solar projects at 30%. Investment returns (inclusive of tax benefits) are often better than other tax-advantaged investments such as LIHTC. And, distributed utility investments diversify portfolio risk while mitigating project and creditor risks for institutional tax equity investors.

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