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Zach Axelrod“Business is about finding a role that helps make others’ lives better in mutually beneficial transactions. To make this happen, you need relationships you can trust. We know that with Yuri, George, and the Sol Systems team, we have a relationship we can trust, and they certainly help move our business forward.”

Zach Axelrod, Corporate Development, Nextility

Since 2012, Sol Systems has successfully worked with developers to provide development support, and project acquisition capital to bring projects to the finish line. At more than 650MW and counting, Sol Systems offers proven financing structures and competitive pricing in the commercial and small utility-scale solar market, rooted in our solar expertise and established long-term partnerships with solar developers throughout the country. 

The efficiencies from repeat transactions with developer partners, combined with our flexible capital sources, allow us to finance projects that other financiers cannot, including:

  • Projects 1MW in size or greater (for single projects; we have a track record of success in financing projects in the 200 – 750kW range if they can be grouped into portfolios)
  • Projects that have non-traditional hosts such as churches, non-profits, and privately held companies
  • Projects in all major U.S. solar markets


Why Sol Systems?

We are Commercial and Utility-Scale Experts

We specialize in serving commercial and small utility-scale distributed generation solar projects, as well as utility-scale projects. Our expertise and experience includes tax equity deals, project acquisition, debt financing, and SREC portfolio management.

Our Relationships Drive our Business

We consider ourselves strategic partners for developer clients, and actively seek to help our developer partners grow. As strategic partners, our project finance team offers informed guidance on how deals can become economically viable, or provides assistance in navigating a specific state market. Our ultimate goal is to efficiently close projects and reduce transaction costs through repeat business with our developer partners.

We Save You Time and Money

We are highly process-oriented, and focused entirely on financing solar systems. This allows us to bring exceptional value in time and cost savings. We understand the market’s risk sensitivities and barriers to financing, and we know how to move a deal along successfully.

We Provide Legal Expertise

Sol Systems utilizes its team of in-house attorneys for the review, drafting, due diligence, negotiation and closing of each project acquisition. We use form agreements in our transactions whenever possible, and work to align non-conforming agreements quickly to simplify the underwriting process. This team is regarded as best in class in the industry.

We Offer Long-Term Asset Management

Our asset management services began in 2008, and the company currently manages over 4,800 operational solar assets for our different business lines. The company has built an extensive back office, including the development of proprietary information technology tools, to support these efforts. We currently oversee project monitoring quarterly payments, production and actively trade portfolio assets.

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At Sol Systems, we believe in fostering long-term relationships with our regional developer partners as opposed to transacting one-off deals. These relationships lead to quicker and more efficient deals and ultimately greater project success that keep transactions costs low.

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