The Pennsylvania Solar Jobs Bill (HB 1580) remains stalled in the House Consumer Affairs Committee.  With no signs of movement in the near future, solar industry groups, including PA SEIA, have joined together to make one final push to bring this bill to a vote before the Memorial Day weekend.

With a market that stands at a 327% oversupply, this bill was introduced in October 2011 by Rep. Chris Ross as the potential solution necessary to bring the price of solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) back to a viable level and revitalize the solar industry in Pennsylvania. The oversupply and lack of movement on this bill has caused market prices for SRECs to decrease by close to 90%.  The collapse also continues to slow down new project installations causing a negative impact on the solar industry.

The original bill included language to both increase the solar requirements and close the borders to out of state facilities to help alleviate some of the oversupply in the market. However, after facing significant opposition at the Committee hearing on January 11, 2012, the bill was then modified to include only an acceleration of the solar requirements over the next three years with a guaranteed neutral cost to ratepayers.

As the bill currently stands with 108 co-sponsors in the House, solar industry groups recognize the need for more mobilized support and action.  Groups like PA SEIA are encouraging those involved in the solar industry in Pennsylvania to reach out to leaders in the state legislature to request the bill be put up for a vote as soon as possible.  Information on how to contact the key legislators involved in this bill is listed below:

Rep. Robert Godshall (Committee Chair):          717-783-6428

Rep. Sam Smith (Speaker of the House):              814-938-4225

Rep. Mike Turzai (House Majority Leader):       412-369-2230

Sol Systems will continue to track the progress of this bill and will provide any updates through our blog.

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