Employee Spotlight: Chris LaClair, Senior Developer

4 Nov 2014


In this month’s employee spotlight, we sat down with Chris LaClair, Senior Developer, who is hard at work on our new SREC management dashboard, due to launch early next year.

At Sol Systems, our team is our number one asset. Their dedication and passion for bringing creative financing solutions to the solar industry are essential to our company’s success. Our company has experienced a lot of recent growth, and we are proud to employ some of the brightest talent in the renewable energy industry. In this month’s employee spotlight, we caught Chris LaClair, Senior Developer, to learn more about his work at Sol Systems, including the new SREC management dashboard that will launch early next year.

What first drew you to Sol Systems?

Before I started working for Sol Systems, I was working at a non-profit that promoted higher education in engineering and sciences. Although that job was quite rewarding, I ultimately was looking to return to a more flexible, higher energy, entrepreneurial environment. There were a quite a few opportunities that I was pursuing in D.C. that certainly fit that description, but after meeting with the crew at Sol Systems, it was immediately evident that this company stood out.

What has been the most rewarding part of working at Sol Systems for you?

The people. This is a highly determined crew that really wants to make the world a better place. Their positivity and resolve are palpable, which keeps my motivation high. It is absolutely rewarding to know that I work for a company that is having a significant impact on the solar energy industry, and moving society to a clean energy future.

What are you currently working on?

My focus is on rebuilding our legacy internal applications, such as our SREC dashboard, using Ruby on Rails. Rails is a powerful, versatile framework that will definitely help streamline our operations and improve overall user experience. We are actually closing in on completing this endeavor, with a goal for launching in early 2015, so I’m very excited about the next few months. This will significantly enhance the user experience for our network of solar installers and customers who utilize Sol Systems to monetize their SRECs.

What do you enjoy doing outside of Sol Systems?

I’m a big motorcycle junkie, so I take advantage of any beautiful day that is conducive to me jumping on the bike and getting my freedom on. In addition, my family has a great place away from the city that allows me to unwind, which consists of a ranch buried in a valley with a sustainable greenhouse garden, horses, and fainting goats. Other than that, I like to stay on top of current and cutting edge technologies, and squeeze in exercise whenever I can.

To learn more about solar energy careers with Sol Systems, please visit our careers page.

About Sol Systems

Sol Systems is a solar energy finance and investment firm. The company has facilitated financing for 171MW and over $600 million of distributed generation solar projects on behalf of Fortune 100 corporations, insurance companies, utilities, banks, family offices, and individuals. It has over $300 million in assets under management as of September 2014. Sol Systems provides secure, sustainable investment opportunities to investor clients, and sophisticated project financing solutions to developers. The company’s tailored financial services range from tax structured investments and project acquisition, to debt financing and SREC portfolio management. For more information, please visit www.solsystemscompany.com.

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Adam Kloc

Adam Kloc