Giving That Matters

Why We Give

The three pillars of sustainability are at the core of our work and giving.

  • Social Equity: Society’s well-being is our well-being.
  • Economic Prosperity: Thriving businesses support thriving communities.
  • Environmental Protection: The world’s health is our health.

At Sol Systems, we leverage our solar project development and finance expertise to place investment capital in secure, sustainable sources of energy. In addition to our commitment to clean energy investments that replace fossil fuels, we support organizations that improve the environment, social equity, and the communities in which we live and work.

Where We Give

Historically, Sol Systems has placed a high priority on giving to organizations and initiatives tied to advancing renewable energy jobs and education, access to sources of clean energy for under-served communities, and conservation.

2020 priorities for Sol Giving That Matters are rooted in the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the movement to make real change for social justice, with an explicit commitment to the black community.

Giving Priorities

Learn about Sol Systems’ 2020 commitment over $50,000 to non-profit organizations as part of a much broader effort towards equality and investing in the communities where we work.

Read about Sol Team’s effort to raise donations to support local residents and families during COVID-19 pandemic.

Sol Systems is taking action for sustained change more broadly and deeply. We are actively working to build partnerships. In 2020, we partnered with Urban Alliance to build career pathways for under-resourced communities in DC. To start, Sol is committing $15,000 for a year long internship for a high school student in Washington, DC. Contact us now to discuss how we can do more together.

What We Give – More than Money

So that our giving leads to meaningful and enduring change, we combine volunteer time and money in all our giving.

Heart and Sol: Our Giving

Our giving program integrates corporate initiatives, volunteer work, and community service days. We also give matching donations for our employees’ philanthropic contributions.