If C&I Solar Projects Were Thanksgiving Dinner

25 Nov 2014


With a little bit of digging (and an active imagination), we found plenty of parallels between a commercial and industrial (C&I) solar project and Thursday’s familiar feast.

A well-executed solar project can be almost as satisfying as Thanksgiving dinner; the only difference is that you are still left hungry for more.

With a little bit of digging (and an active imagination), we found plenty of parallels between a commercial and industrial (C&I) solar project and Thursday’s familiar feast.

  1. Deal Structure: Good meals start with a great recipe. Whether you’re taking on a project with a PPA, lease, or cash purchase will affect every other piece of the deal. When developing a project, we encourage our partners to think ahead and select off-takers and materials with the deal structure in mind.
  2. Modules: Obviously, the center of the meal is the turkey. Just as the turkey is the centerpiece of the meal, modules drive the project’s value in producing clean, secure solar energy. While there remain alternative brands in the space, we typically recommend sticking to a familiar brand in order to avoid additional steps of diligence (the blog author has a personal aversion to tofurkey as well…). Tier 1 turkey, anyone?
  3. Inverters: Just like with mashed potatoes, the question with inverters is how to distribute them. If placed correctly, they boost the performance of all other components.
  4. Mounting Type: The variation in racking is reminiscent of stuffing/dressing. There are a lot of options here—numerous manufacturers combined with options for tracking, carports, etc. mirror the countless ways that your Thanksgiving chef can stuff their bird.
  5. Contracted Revenue: Let’s be honest with ourselves: the entire Thanksgiving meal is essentially a carrier for the gravy. Investors are flocking to the solar space for the long-term cash flows that solar project assets deliver. The value statement for solar remains stronger than ever.

In sum, Thanksgiving is much like a C&I solar deal: they both require careful preparation, essential ingredients, special knowledge, and hard work. The comparisons between solar projects and Thanksgiving dinner are as endless as our appetites. However, getting a project built is not as easy as pumpkin pie, particularly in under-served market segments.

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s gone well this year and how we’ll add to it in 2015 (or hustle to finish projects by the end of the year). Only a few weeks are left in what’s been an incredible year for the solar industry—let’s bring it home strong!

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Thomas Larson

Thomas Larson